Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time to get behind a candidate!

OK, I'm going to come on out and tell the world who I think will make the best president for the next eight years, what I believe is the ideal democrat ticket and how I'd like to see the office of president evolve for the next decade or so.

I love the fact that I've lived long enough to see the election cycle when two viable candidates are a woman and an African-American. I think either candidate is capable of leading the nation. Ms. Clinton has the experience and the capabilities to be president. Mr. Obama is a leader and up and coming statesman. I could vote for either of these candidates. . . but I won't.

I have real concerns for this country. We are involved in war we have absolutely no business being involved in and it's time to remove ourselves from those conflicts. There can be no compromise on that issue. Our troops HAVE to be brought home from Iraq and Afghanistan now. There is only one candidate who uncompromisingly stands by a policy of immediate withdrawl.
We have serious domestic problems that are quickly becoming crisis. There is only one candidate that is addressing the issues of the dwindling middle class and the working poor and poverty in America. Corporate America has taken over our government. They are destroying our constitution and pillaging our national resources. There is only one candidate who is talking about this and recognizing it for the cancer on our society that it is.

So as you might have already guessed, John Edwards is my choice for democratic candidate. I believe he is ready to change the face of our country and I believe that is the only thing that will save us from destruction.

If Mr. Edwards is smart, he will pick as his running mate someone who will be ready and capable of taking the reins of power when his time is done in eight years. That seems like a no-brainer for me. Barrack Obama is that person. Obama is a great candidate today, imagine what a great candidate he will be with eight years of experience as vice president. I believe an Edwards-Obama ticket will give the democrats the White House for the next 16 years. More importantly, it will put two individuals in the office of President who will change the direction of the country and put us on a strong footing for the next century.

In a recent national Newsweek poll, the only candidate that decisively beat every republican candidate was John Edwards. Clinton loses to McCain as does Obama. Edwards is THE most electable democrat candidate. He far outpaced every democrat against ever republican.

So yea, I'd like to see a woman or a black person become president. If they do I won't have any problem with it and I'll support their presidential quest with lots of involvement and vigor, but I have to look beyond race and gender and pick who I believe addresses what I believe is best for this country right now.
I'm getting behind John Edwards and hoping for an Edwards-Obama ticket that will destroy any ticket the republicans can put together.


Buzzardbilly said...

He (Edwards) was looking pretty good on "Morning Joe" today. This cycle, I'll vote for anyone who isn't a Republican, a third-party candidate, or Ron Paul. I seriously hate Ron Paul.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Buzz, Ron paul is the biggest flim flam man to ever hit the political trail. He is a master of deception and using keywords and catch phrases to convinve the proles that he is all things to all people. It amazes me how many buffoons there are that enthusiastically get behind scam artists like him. He is like Ross Perot on steroids.
I am also very strongly repulsed by him.

Buzzardbilly said...

Did you catch Ron Paul on the Colbert Report a few months back? He's not only drank the Kool-Aid, he's selling it by the vatfull. If you haven't seen it, look on Colbert's site.

My sister has a theory that John Edwards has known all along that all he has to do to get the nomination is keep his nose clean and speak sensibly. She swears that Dems will wise up to the need to have a candidate who isn't immediately objectionable to a large segment of the population. Didn't they learn the lesson of "here's my running mate Lebermann"?

Probably not. There's probably a one-eyed homosexual dwarf reformed drug abuser just waiting in the wings to sweep the nom.

Colonel Colonel said...

John Edwards would be a great President. Amy & I met him on a train once, and were big supporters four years ago. Edwards/Obama '08 sounds like a winner to me.

NYC Educator said...

I agree with you about Edwards, and I thought he was the best candidate four years ago. Kerry's appeal always eluded me.

I wish Edwards were doing a little better in the polls, though.

Rebecca Burch said...

I'm pretty happy with Edwards, too. I really like him. Like, I can't find anything to really dislike a whole lot... at least nothing that I can't live with.

I hate that the general feeling in this country is that you have to go either Clinton or Obama. Nobody wants to vote for underdogs. This is why we have all these possible candidates -- you have more to choose from. Nobody knows anything about Edwards, Biden, Kucinich, or any of the other lesser-known candidates.

And... ergh... Paul scares the hell out of me.

Ann said...

I think you just called the '08 Democratic ticket! It will be interesting to see if your predictiton is correct!

Leon said...

First of all, good stuff, I like your blog.

I would love to see an Edwards/Obama ticket, any way round. Just by the way, McCain doesn't necessarily beat Obama in the latest general election polls, they have been in a statistical dead-heat for several months with both candidates being ahead a couple points at different times. I think that if it came to a general election between McCain and Obama, Obama would be the clear frontrunner after any televised debate, it would be like Nixon vs. Kennedy..
I wrote about exactly that topic on my blog:
Check it out.