Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tagged and I shouldn't, but I will. . .

Write a letter to your 13 yr old self. . .

Dear Sagacious Hillbilly,

Yea, I'm talking to you. . . don't ask, it's a loooong story, just listen.

There's this guy on a popular TV show called Raw Hide. His character's name is Rowdy Yeats. Watch him. Study him. Act like him.
The guy's real name is Clint Eastwood. He will soon be a very popular movie actor. As soon as you see he is going to be in a movie, go see that movie. Watch it a dozen times. If you can find some of his movies that are out now, go see them. They are called "Spaghetti westerns." Titles are "Good, Bad and the Ugly, Fist Full of Dollars, For a few Dollars More."

Be like Clint and you'll be ok.

Oh, and study harder.

See you in 40 yrs.,

Glad I took my advice.


Simply Curious said...

I'm sitting here with something of a perplexed face. Did that sentence make any sense? It doesn't look right to me.

I don't like the cowboy hat look, unless the guy is wearing nothing but the hat and spurs. Now there's something you should add to your letter.

Blonde Goddess said...

Spurs hurt when rolled across certain body parts.

I like cowboy boots.
Mr.Man in nothing but cowboy boots...oh HELL YES!!!

Are all men fascinated with Clint Eastwood? When there is a marathon on TV that's all Mr.Man will do all day long.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

SCG, Not sure what sentence you're alking about, but it could be any random thing I write.

Around these parts cowboy boots, hats, jeans, western shirts, leather/canvas jackets. . . all standard attire.
Gentlemen always take their boots off first. They'd never be caught with their pants off and boots on.

Buzzardbilly said...

Ahhh, Clint.

TED VELVET said...

the Duck of death. that's duke of death. duck I says. clint rules. what no touchy feely be a wonderful person kiss your grandma cause your gonna miss her and crying stuff? coward

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Damn right Teddy. I'm tough. Don't you think for one minute I'm not. There's not one ounce of touchy feely make-me-vulnerable bs in me. My insecurities and inferiority complexes will not allow it.

Colonel Colonel said...

Clint, what American cowboys used to be. Now we just have George with a fake accent pretending to be one.