Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Religious zealot whack jobs. . .

Non-believing US voters feel demonized
by Roland Lloyd Parry
WASHINGTON (AFP) - One presidential hopeful is a preacher, another proudly Mormon, and most openly tout their Christianity. In an arena where faith can make or break a politician, the one in 10 Americans who profess no religion feel left in the cold.

"They're very disconcerted," said Darren Sherkat, an atheist sociology professor specializing in religion at Southern Illinois University.

"They're horrified by both the Democratic and Republican rhetoric surrounding religion -- that people who are not religious ... are immoral, that they're not qualified to serve in public office," he said.

I don't feel demonized. I feel disgusted that these people who are supposed to be the creme de la creme of our political system are actually a bunch of professed morons who believe in mythology and fairy tale as reality. It really is absurd in this day and age of science, technology and global communications. THEY are the idiots.


Big Daddy said...

I couldn't agree more..Because I don't have a belief in a mythological figure...I have no morals?
religion IS the number one killer in this world..More people are killed, tortured,ostracized in the name of a "GOD" than all the dieseases combined.name one instance where atheism has killed in such a major scale.

Ann said...

Just wanted to weigh-in here. I'm Big Daddy's wife. I think we have been let down by our politicians again and again, without adding religion to the mix!

And as for morals...I know more people who are not religious at all that have more morals than your average bible-thumping christian! :o)

The Practical Pundit said...

For someone who so often alleges political knowledge (I'm awaiting evidence), you should realize that whether these candidates actually hold these views as closely as they claim is debatable. In a campaign, it's not what you believe, but what you can convince people you believe that gets votes. For example, you believe that John Edwards will immediately withdraw troops from Iraq in the unlikely event he is elected president. You also probably believe, as he has said in his campaign commercials, that he'll use his power as president to yank Congressional health care coverage if they fail to pass universal coverage by July 2009. Uh... what power is that?