Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The elusiveness of reality

Hillary wins! HILLARY WINS!!!
With 85% of the New Hampshire primary vote in, Clinton gets 39% or 95,000 votes and Obama gets 37% or 89,000 votes.
This is a primary folks where the candidates are vying for delegates to the conventiion. At 37 and 39%, they both get about the same amount of delegates. The winner doesn't get it all. This aint the electoral college thing.
So the main stream media is going nuts about a Clinton win. Before Iowa, Clinton was projected to win NH with double digits. Five days later she barely wins with 2%. That makes it a pretty big win for Obama as well if you're going to call the person who was tracking double digit leads in the polls up until last week a winner with 2%.
Remember that as the media whoops and shouts about the "Clinton win."
The political momentum is not on Clinton's side. She's still sliding downhill in the polls and the voting booths.
CNN is calling it a "very surprising night." Yea, I agree. Clinton edges Obama by only 2%. Whew, who'd have guessed that a week ago when Hillary was tracking a double digit lead?!
Just thought I'd interject that little piece of reality.

I gotta throw this in. . .
Chris Mathews had Tom Delay on last night. Delay was talking about McCain and "moderate" republicans with a bit of distain, so Mathews asked him to define "moderate republican."
Delay responded: "well, people who think too much."
If that doesn't say it all for the neo-con traitors. . .


The Practical Pundit said...

I figured it out. The reason you blog with such fervor and malice is to assuage your conscience for never actually doing anything. If you just type out a stream of expletive-laced rants while perched on your voluminous ass, you can still watch TV and eat Ho-Hos, page through the latest issue of Gap-Tooth Girly magazine, and convince yourself you're actually making a difference. Others of us go to caucuses, town hall meetings, serve as precinct captains and as county delegates, and sit on the county organization's central committee.

Well done, SagHill.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

IowaBoy, You've got such a intuitive process going on. . . Of course I couldn't begin to approach the righteousness of your participation in the political process. You are an example of everything that could be wonderful about the electorate. If only the average citizen was informed and integrated a fraction of that which you are we would be a shining beacon of democracy.
Keep the good work PeePee. It's an inspiration to us all. . . as long as you tell us about it.
Now I have to get back to my ho-hos (yea, briing on da hos), girly magazines, TV and voluminous ass. . . as soon as I go work on the new building I'm working in that has to be done within the month, transfer about 50 bales of hay to the cattle barn, go see my neighbor about our plans to lime our fields and then feed the critters.

You sound so angry lately S1, is that what parenthood is doing to you?
Don't worry, as they get older they get less demanding on your time and you can go back to your self-indulgences.

The Practical Pundit said...

...as soon as I go work on the new building I'm working in that has to be done within the month.

An outhouse takes a month?