Monday, January 21, 2008

Things that I don't get

Had a nice weekend. Went to Columbus. Visited with my son, had a couple good meals and the little woman did some shopping. Picked up a load of poultry feed at my organic producer. All in all it was a mellow relaxing time, but there were a couple items that just kept creeping up into my craw and gittin stuck. I mean damn WTF? Isn't-it-obvious-this-is-so-fucking-simple stuck in my craw.

Here's the first "issue" that seems to be making me choke:

Yea, it's tough for me to get behind Hillary in any way shape or form. This is a woman who takes really big bucks from corporate entities on a regular basis. While living in the state of Arkansas she sat on the board of directors of Wal-Mart. Yea, fucking Wal-Mart. The biggest buster of small enterprise this country has ever seen. At least the pharmaceutical, oil and auto industry have always been big corporate enterprises, but Wal-Mart came along and completely blew the doors off merchandising. Mom and Pop folks can't exist in small town America once Wal-Mart moves in. Hillary Clinton sat on their BODs when they were formulating and executing their pillaging of small town America.

The Clintons have always lived and died by the polls. They formulate their strategy based on polls. Interestiingly, their number one pollster is also the number one pollster for corporate America. The company she uses is called "Burson-Marsteller," but more impotantly is the fact that the head of this company, Mark Penn is someone who can put Karl Rove to shame. This guy is a pollster and strategist supreme. He got rich by advising the Clintons in the 90s. His history with and around the Clintons and the ties that he and his company have with corporate America are well documented, take a look around. These guys have worked to restore Union Carbide's name after Bhopal and companies such a Texaco, Proctor and Gamble and many others when they were faced with scandalous situations. They are corporate spin professionals. Whoever needs to be made into a bad guy to protect corporate interests they will execute. So when you're thinking that maybe it would be nice to have a feminist perspective in the White House, make no mistake, it will be business as usual in the White House if Hillary gets there.

The other issue that I just don't understand, and please help me out with this if I'm wrong, is this tax rebate thing. I gotta ask WTF kind of silly assed irresponsible bullshit is this?

Supposedly, and again, correct me if I'm wrong, every tax payer in America making less than $100k or some such income number will be sent a check for some nice big sum of cash. I've heard numbers from $300 to $800 per individual.
So we give each individual tax payer a wad of cash and tell them to go spend it. Well fucking great. These are the same individuals who have gotten themselves buried in credit card debt. These are the same individuals who have an addictive need to possess every consumer item that the corporate mass media markets to them and tells them they've GOT to have. These are the same individuals who have made our society into a house of cards by making us dependent upon foreign oil for our gas guzzling cars and our energy intensive consumer item production industry.

Yea, good idea, give the heroin addict more heroin. Give the gambler a free ticket to Vegas. Send the 500lb. over eaters down to the local buffet. The sad thing is, a lot of these folks will take that rebate and use it as a down payment on something that they can't afford that will put them further and further into debt. That's some fucked up shit.
Americans have become sick pitiful consumers who have learned to identify themselves with what they buy. That behavior supports the corporate greed, leaves the poor feeling more and more desperate but worst of all, turns the working and middle classes into nothing but money launderers for the corporate royalty. Simple fucks.

So instead of figuring out a way of throttling back our economy, turning our addictive consumer behaviors into more responsible spending traits and coming up with more close to home organic solutions to our economic problems, our leaders on both sides of the isles propose that we simply throw money at the problem. Uh huh. Let's spend more money.
We're spending billions per month floundering in Iraq while corporate America rakes in those billions and now the fix for our collapsing economy is to throw more money out there which will also soon be sitting in the coffers of the mega corporate rich. Yup, all that money that the politicians want to supposedly throw into the hands of the tax payers is very soon going to end up right where all the rest of our excess spending has been ending up. . . in the hands of the mega wealthy. . . and that doesn't include the huge crporate tax breaks that are included in this little "tax rebate" package. Yes, the middle class is now the corporate money laundering class.

I say take your damn rebate. Go to the bank, cash that check and put every dime of that money in your pocket. Then take it home, wrap it up in cellophane and stick it in the freezer. That's right. Put it in the freezer. Don't spend a dime. Forget about it. But you won't. You'll go buy another iPod or some other bullshit piece of shit that you don't really need.

How about if we take that $100billion in tax rebates and use it as a cushion to feed the hungry, house the homeless and educate the children who will be horribly hurt when the economy DOES collapse. You see, an economy that depends upon a continuing increase in consumer activity can only eventually implode upon itself. It's going to happen. So back to the idea of throttling back the economy or preparing for its eventual collapse. Shouldn't we be focused on that instead of feeding more crack to the crack whores?

NAWWW! Fuck that. They're promising you $800!!! Wow. Think of all the shit you can buy with that!!! It'll solve all your problems!


Bo Rumpole said...

C'mon, don't hold back on your opinions.

What do you REALLY think?

themom said...

Just another Bush cluster f**k!!! I agree whole-heartedly!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

A cluster fuck for you, me and the rest of middle America, but not for the top 0.1%. They are accumulating more and more wealth and will be cushioned against anything that might happen. . . all part of their plan.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Bo, Don't know what's up with your blog, but it causes my browser to shut down every time I try and leave a post, exit or almost anything once I get there.

Chickie said...

...a lot of these folks will take that rebate and use it as a down payment on something that they can't afford that will put them further and further into debt.

I think you hit the nail on the head. This is what will help "stimulate the economy".

Chickie said...

And I'm not implying that that is a good thing!

Buzzardbilly said...

Excellent post! I couldn't agree more. Last 'tax rebate' Bush sent out several in my family simply signed over and sent straight the the Democratic Party. I didn't. It went in the bank.

Between Obama's recent speech in Nevada (where he discusses honesty) and Obama slamming Hillary in a debate about her Wal*Fart days, Obama's looking better and better here.

About my blog, having seen you and Teddy Velvet go at it, I thought you would take the joke, dry as it may have been, and run with it. Now it is I who didn't mean to offend. I lifetime of eating shoe leather's gotten me used to that feeling. But, I do apologize and hope you'll understand where I meant to be coming from. I won't do that again.

Bo Rumpole said...

Hmmm . . . have I created the blog of death, or something? Maybe I'm dumping so much vitriol into my posts it just overwhelms the logic controllers in yer computer.

Keep trying. And check your mail.

yellowdog granny said...

a big wopping $800 rebate..that won't even touch the credit card bills they have been running up to keep the house from going into forecloseure...bush bites, sucks and blows..
did you see the bumper sticker that says monica lewinsky's boyfriends wife for president?
cracked me up..