Friday, January 18, 2008

Who needs to be involved in politics?

EVERYONE needs to be involved in politics. Where else will you be represented in this society and your voice heard?
But I defer to the master of political verbiage at the following locale and her post from Wed. Jan. 16.:

Please, read this. Yes, it really does mater that you are involved whoever you are.


Rebecca Burch said...

Awesome link! Thanks for posting it.

The vote is all we have. I'm sure as hell going to use it!

Simply Curious said...

I'm going to vote, but I'm just a shadow of whatever my Grandfather votes for. He'll make my cheat sheet.

I can't seem to understand politics. Try as I might...I try to read about them and I try to understand, but in all honesty, I just don't get half of the shit that's talked about. And again, in all honesty, I'm having trouble finding good in ANY of the candidates. Sigh.

yellowdog granny said...

all i have done for the past 7 years is bitch..bitch bitch wore out...and just when i think im out...they do something stupid and drag me back in....sigh*