Sunday, January 27, 2008

The "mystery" of clogging your lungs

Blue haze mystery starting to dissipate
State investigators focusing on Amos plant, weather 'inversion'
By Ken Ward Jr.
Early Friday afternoon, American Electric Power spokesman Phil Moye saw the plume rolling in from his office on the 11th floor of the Chase Building in downtown Charleston.
"When you look up the Valley, it's just a blue haze all the way up," Moye said.
Moye and other AEP officials said their giant John Amos Power Plant had nothing to do with the mysterious cloud that hung over the Kanawha Valley most of the afternoon.
AEP officials say they believe their John Amos Power Station was operating normally on Friday, but state inspectors are examining whether any problems at the plant contributed to Friday’s blue haze problem. The plant is among the region’s largest polluters, but Columbus, Ohio-based AEP is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to greatly reduce emissions. ..
Up and down the river, industrial facilities all offered similar answers. No leaks at the Bayer plant in Institute. Nothing wrong at Dow in South Charleston. And at John Amos? "All of our monitoring levels are fine," Moye said.

This is simply a crock of shit. I was in THE Valley on Friday. I saw the "blue haze." It was like something one would have seen back in the early 70s before the EPA cracked down on these mother fuckers.
Now, I know something of environmental monitoring and pollution sampling having spent an entire career working in a high technology area of the chemical industry. I know something about how much money was spent and the technology put into place over the years to track chemical "events" and to analyze the air we breath.
I have known people and facilities within the confines of THE Valley who, back in the day, could have had an answer to what was being spewed into the air within minutes. Did all that technology vanish when DOW shut down the chemical industry in THE Valley? Is the State of West Virginia now incapable of sampling and defining air pollutants? In years past, I have been to their pollution testing facility out in Guthrie, WV and they once had the capability to test and defiine air samples. What happened? Do they still have the capability or not?
Yes, I saw the "blue haze" when it moved in. It happened fast and it was extreme. something happened somewhere. All this talk about "we don't know." "It wasn't us," is plain pure and simple bullshit.
fuck the government bureaucrats who aren't doing a damn thing, are going along with the industry lies and couldn't figure this one out within a couple hours and tell the population of THE Valley exactly what was effectiing them, where it was coming from and who was responsible.
And the proles swallow it whole without the slightest hint of discontent. Fuck them too.

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