Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sleazy bottom feeders hooked and landed

Oh, too good to pass even though I don't often comment on local politics.

Here we have a picture of WV Supreme Court judge Elliot "Spike" Maynard vacationing with Donald Blankenship, West Virginia's biggest political contributor and CEO of Massey Energy, the largest coal producer in WV.
Aint they a couple of smart lookin fellers? Kinda makes ya wonder why folks from other places laugh when you tell them you're from West Virginia.

West Virginia politicians have this absurd habit of going by their local nick name and putting it in quotes after their first name. Sometimes you will even see things on campaign signs like "William "Bill" Smith" or "Lester "John Bob" Parsons." My favorite is the guy in Putnam County who goes by "D.W. "Peachie" Arthur" aint it cute? "juvenile" you say? I agree.

Smile Spike! You're on candid camera! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Recently, West Virginia elected to their Supreme Court one of the dumbest supreme court justices to ever sit on the bench. This guy was totally unqualified except for one thing: he was an attorney at the largest corporate defense firm in West Virginia. It seems that Blankenship went straight to his stable of lawyer whores and picked the biggest bozo to front for him on the supreme court.

Now between this guy and Spike Maynard, Blankenship's good ol boy local buddy from Williamson, WV, Massey Energy pretty much has the supreme court on their side. To prove that, a recent decision by the WV supreme court overruled a district court award agaiinst Massey for $73 million. Yes, they overturned what a jury down in the coal fields of WV decided ruling not only against the jury and the lower court, but against union miners and an independent coal company.

Before reviewing any case, WV supreme court justices are supposed to disclose any relationships, contacts, etc. they have with any litigants. Maynard disclosed nothing. . . now everyone knows that Maynad and Blankenship are buddies. They are seen having diner all the time from Charleston to Logan and Williamson. Hell, on Spike's birthday, Blankenship had a huge party at his house and set off a fireworks display that would have been worthy of any large city's 4th of July.

Concerning the vacation, Massey's spokesman has declared that Spike and Don just happened to be on vacation in the same are of Europe and decided to get together for a dinner and lunch. Uh huh. That might work on the wives, but I hope the US Attorney's office doesn't buy it, especially with witnesses available.

So, how is it that these photographs emerged? Well, from what I gather from a local news article, it seems these two playboys of the French Riviera (don't they look like Riviera guys?), had two female companions with them while on their separate vacations. Yes, the accompanying females spilled the beans and will be available to testify in any court action. That'll teach Spike and Don to tip lightly.

Can't wait to see the hotel receipts, airline records, etc.

Congratulation to Louisiana for electing a reformer to the governor's mansion. Maybe someday, West Virginia will have a moment of clarity and do the same. Till then, we're stuck with governors, legislators and judges who are bought and paid for by the corporate coal maggots.


Colonel Colonel said...

Whenever I hear someone get up and go on about how we should downsize the Federal government because state and local governments are so much more "responsive" to the people, I think "uh huh, yeah, riiiight".

They're certainly responsive to some people.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Excellent point Col.
Another one of the right wing talking points.

John Collins said...

Spike Maynard is a cheap whore.
I once had a case in the WV Supreme Court & he FUCKED me on the decision.

John Collins VS Red Roof Inns
A defamation case.
they say a company can publish FALSE DEFAMATORY STATEMENTS.

How stupid is that. Plus they were from FRANCE. Double FUCK HIM

Bo said...

Fireworks? WTF?

How in the wide world of sports did Don throw that kind of party for Spike and nobody in Charleston hear about it?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

bo, The party was held at DBs mountaintop mansion overlooking Williamson. No one in the Williamson area could have missed it.
I witnessed the display and told a number of people in Charleston about it, so I really don't know what you're talking about.

trodd said...

The photos were actually stolen from someone's computer at the State Supreme Court.

When photos of Randy White were released the only story was about who had them. Everyone has accepted this false claim that they were released by Spike's date, because the truth about where they came from would be very damaging to Larry Starcher.

And the party was not for Spike. The scallops were delicious though.