Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A mideast joke. . . anyone laughing?

Oh lookie here. . . MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp is launching his first diplomatic trip to the mideast. I suspect it's his first diplomatic trip anywhere if you really must stretch the truth (to the breaking point) and call it a "diplomatic" trip.
Let's face it folks, this illeducated marginally intelligent frat boy aint gonna do no real negotiating as his super jet aeroplane jumps from city to city in the mideast. All these corpo-fascist stinking pricks are doing is burning jet fuel and wasting huge sums of the tax payer's money. Do ya know what it takes to haul this dry (maybe) drunken coke head around the world? We're talkin hundreds of millions.
So whats the point? Well it's just another side show in the neo-con presidency. Like presidents before, this band of low life pieces of shit will get lots of photo ops and media coverage that will warm the hearts of many of the dull senseless American proles and get them to look more favorably upon the republican party, especially those who have alligned themselves with this recreant crew of Amurikkkan traitors. It will also be some sort of glory train for MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp to use as a way to somehow, possibly, but not likely, ressurect his presidency from the dregs of the political scrap heap that has become his legacy. Wow, when history looks back upon the past 30 yrs in history, those Bush folks will really stick out in a political world of pricks.
Nope, it will take more than a mindless jaunt around the globe for this lousy scum sucking excuse for a president to resurrect the disaster he has left in his wake. Just like after the last republican booddoggle it will take a progressive administration that isn't afraid to tighten budgets and enact policy that is fair to ALL Americans, not just the ultra rich.
Will the proles ever learn?

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