Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Clinton Spokes Negro

Well lookie here. The Clinton camapign done got themselves a spokes negro. Aint that nice. I wonder what thee Clintons are paying Rep. Tom. . . oh no, my mistake, it's Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.

Lawmaker dismisses Obama's attraction
By SAM HANANEL, Associated Press Writer Tue Apr 1, 4:38 PM ET
WASHINGTON - A congressman backing Hillary Rodham Clinton says white voters are supporting Barack Obama based on the view that he is articulate and his election would allow the nation "to get this boogeyman called race behind us."

Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who is black, told Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that Obama "is articulate. In the black tradition, he would probably be mediocre."

"For White Americans, it's like, this guy can speak," Cleaver said in the radio interview. "If you put him on a level with a lot of other African-American public speakers, he may not even measure up."

Well, they knew they couldn't get a white person to say those things. . . that has already backfired on their asses, so they got themselves a black person. Now, I'm not saying that dollars changed hands here. I'm just speculating that some price was paid and promises made. I hope Rep. Tom, oh, excuse me, Emanuel Cleaver measures up and articulates well the Clinton message.
Yup. I wonder how Rep. Tom. . .er. . . Emanuel Cleaver "measures up" and how he got the job. I'd have liked to have seen that job interview.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Well put. And damn funny.

Real Live Lesbian said...
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Macon D said...

Yes, great point! It's a very white thing to do, praising black people for being "articulate." As if it's a surprise, you know?

I'm compiling similar white moves on my blog:


Hope you like it--it's a response, really, to a similarly named but inadequate, unserious blog. Race is more serious than the ways that silly blog handles it.