Saturday, April 26, 2008

Political bottom feeding

1. Trivial politics

We are in one of the most dangerous intersects of our county's history. The past eight years has taken us from a country with great growth and at relative peace to a country that is in severe recession and at war on two fronts with an administration that continuously lies to and deceives the American public. We can vote for more of the same with McCain/McBush or vote for change with a democratic candidate.

Sadly, the democratic primary has been reduced to petty bickering and childish pot shot issues.
I don't give a fuck what Obama's preacher said or anythinig else that doesn't have to do with issues that directly effect the condition ofo this country. I want to hear how you're going to bring decent paying jobs to middle America. How are you going to get us out of Viet N. . . oh, sorry, Iraq. What are you going to do about the outrageous energy crisis we have in this country that no one seems to want to talk about. . . talk about a 6 ton elephant in the living room. What are you going to do about the desperate masses in the inner cities who have little hope and resort to drugs and violence to get by. How about talking about the rural poor who have no jobs and can't make a living farming because the corporations set the price in the field impossibly low and then gouge the consumers. What are you going to do to lift this country up and make us great like we have the potential of being? What are your plans for taking us back into space to a degree where we are really exploring?
What are you going to do about healthcare!!! How about our environmental crisis?

Until you answer those questions, I don't want to hear any more of your trivial whiney baby shit. Just shut your fucking mouths if all you've got is negative bullshit vomit.

2. Spineless politician "Super Delegates"

There are about 800 unpledged “super-delegates” to the democratic national convention. This in itself is a tragedy for democrats throughout the country but especially so considering that most of them have yet to decide who they are going to give their vote to at the convention and are the real cause of the political indecision currently in democratic politics.
"Super delegates" are people like Democratic governors, members of Congress, former presidents, former vice presidents, retired democratic leaders, and all Democratic National Committee members, many appointed by Howard Dean the DNC chair.

Since many of these delegates have not committed to a candidate we have to assume at this point that they are playing a juvenile game of politics and holding out untill the last minute so that they can cast their vote for the sure winner. That is the politics of spineless pieces of shit.

We need to note who these gutless wonders are NOW and make sure they never get our vote again. I'd almost rather vote for a republican with some guts than one of these wishy-washy pandering bottom feeder democrats.

There are around 3,250 delegates elected in primaries or caucuses to the Democratic National convention. 800 "super delegates" brings the total delegate count to around 4,050. That means that 20% of the delegates are not elected or chosen through state-wide caucuses. How would it be if we held an election for president and then 20% of the vote was decided by a small grounp of politicians who held positions of power?

For those of you who don't think racism or sexism is an issue anymore. . . do you know that over 50% of the "super delegates" are white men but only 28% of the democratic primary electorate are white men? nice, huh?

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