Thursday, April 24, 2008


Billary raised $10 million within the 24 hours after winning the PA primary.
Now, most people know that Obama is clearly on track to take the nomination. Why would 100,000 contributors be willing to donate to a losing campaign?
Hope? Hope for what?
I see three possibilities as to why someone would contribute to a losing campaign.
1. Republicans know that Billary are beatable so they have pumped cash into the Billary campaign.
2. Republicans and democrats alike know that it's likely a dem will win the presidency and anyone with corporate interests would much rather have corporate democrats like Billary back in office than a champion of the working class like Obama.
3. Anybody but the @#$$%^.

Yes Amurkkka, this country is full of ignorant racist pricks who will vote against the black candidate just because he is black even if he is the best candidate for the presidency in 45 years and is all about the issues that matter most to the very people who are the most racist against him.
It's a startling reality.


Tom said...

And apparently, a good majority of those "racist pricks" reside on the democrat plantation.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yes, many are democrats. That's mainly what we're talking about here.

Of course "democratic plantation" is simply another of those racist terms designed by the radical right to demonize the white dems and trivialize the black dems.
Sorry, but the repubs will still get less than 5% of the black vote and there is a good reason for that.