Friday, April 4, 2008

MLK and the candidates

Today I watched all three candidates give their MLK Day speech. Obama, as usual was mesmerising. The O Man is simply an extraordinary speaker.

McCain/McBush was boring, drool and insincere as he read directly from a script without hardly looking up and was jeered at times. He gave his speech from the motel where MLK was killed. They showed him beinig given a tour and he looked like he couldn't wait to get away from the black woman who was giving him an earful of historic information. I gotta hand it to him though; he's got balls. He stood there in Memphis before a largely black audience on the spot where MLK was killed on the anniversary of that assasination and told the crowd that he voted against making MLK's birthday a national holiday back in '87.

Hillary sounded like she was on prozac. Is this some sort of softer, kinder Hillary? I was really wondering what kind of sedative they gave her to make her sound so soft and whimsical. The one thing that got me wondering in her speech was when she said how influencial MLK was in her life and that when she was 14 yrs old she shook his hand. Where? Was this before or after you decided to support the republican right wing and become a "Goldwater Girl?"

So there ya have it. . . Obama of course was inspiring, McCain/McBush was a boring drool old white man and Hillary was sedate[d] and insincere.
More to come. . .


Colonel Colonel said...

I don't think Hillary knows what state she's in half the time. And considering the story about Bill's going Thermonuclear the other day, they'd better save some of those drugs for him.

Macon D said...

Good description of the three talks, SH. I would add, though, that McCain mentioned voting against the King holiday in this speech in order to apologize for having done so.

Not that I think he's spent any sleepless nights since his vote regretting it. Not, that is, that I think his apology is all that sincere. He probably apologized because his advisers think it's "the right thing to do," which means the strategic thing to do.

To me, it's another example of how when white folks find themselves pressed to apologize for a racial slip-up, they find it difficult to muster an apology worthy of acceptance. This is usually because they haven't thought enough yet about what made them slip up in the first place.