Tuesday, April 8, 2008

McCain/McBush and the "other" vote

So McCain/McBush is going after the votes that traditional republican voters don't normally seek, eh? Well good luck with that Johnny Boy, because just having the white male vote just aint gonna get you there no mo.

In that pursuit, he seems to be floating this idea. . .

Rice leaves door ajar for vice presidential chance

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice left slightly open the chance on Tuesday that she might be interested in running as vice president on Republican White House contender John McCain's ticket.

Pressed by a reporter, Rice declined to make a strong, direct rejection that she would never be interested in the second spot on the Republican ticket that is almost certain to be led by McCain as the presidential candidate.

So does he think that'll nullify this little tid bit? Exactly how gullible does he think those "other" voters are?

Arizona Blacks: Where's McCain?
Jonathan Martin Tue Apr 8, 5:38 AM ET
Oscar Tillman heads the Phoenix area branch of the NAACP and is a former statewide president of the group. He has been a leader of Arizona’s small, tight-knit African-American community for decades.

So it comes as something of a surprise to learn the name of one person, over all those years, with whom he has never spoken. It is the state’s senior senator better known these days as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

John McCain, said Tillman, “has pretty well zero relationship with the African-American community that I know of.”

“I don’t recall him ever attending any function with the NAACP,” Tillman added. “Each year we send them an invitation [to an annual banquet], and each year they say no.”

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Macon D said...

Yes, it's really hard to imagine that McCain and his crew think this is a good idea. As your post implies, it would come across as rank hypocrisy to Af-Am voters, and McC and his crew must know that. It would also come across to white voters (and others) as a kind of pandering, a sop, an obvious effort to counterbalance Obama's blackness with some sort of diversity.