Monday, April 28, 2008

The raw politics of education

West Virginia University dean resigns in degree scandal
By VICKI SMITH, Associated Press Writer 27 minutes ago
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The dean of West Virginia University's College of Business and Economics is resigning in the wake of the scandal over a master's degree awarded to the governor's daughter, the school announced Monday.

R. Stephen Sears is the second high-ranking academic officer to leave in the case, following Sunday's announcement that Provost Gerald Lang is resigning.

OK, so they're slaughtering their scapegoats. Why isn't anyone looking into what influence governor JoeBob himself exerted. Do all the people investigating this bullshit really believe that he never did or said anything?
when I was in college and grad school, it took about three minutes for the registrar or my advisor to evaluate my transcript and decide whether or not I qualified for a degree. Ok, maybe it took five or ten minutes.

Why did it take months and a 100 page report issued by a specially appointed committee to come up with the decision surrounding the governor's daughter's bogus "e"MBA?
IS it only obvious to me that these political hacks burried evidence and manipulated facts to cover someone's ass? Who could that someone or someones be? The president of West Virginia University? The governor of West Virginia?
West Virginia University is actually a very good and highly rated academic institution. Unfortunately it has been governed and administered by a bunch of frat boy numb skulls who think football and basketball . . . especially football, are the most important functions of THE university.
This incident is just another indicator of what a sad and disgraceful situation we have at West Virginia's finest institution of higher education.

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