Thursday, June 5, 2008

Be afraid, be very afraid

Fear will be the key process by which the right wing extremists will try and wrangle themselves out of the political basement this election year. Let's face it, they've got nothing. The economy is in shambles and our foreign policy is a nightmare. All their rhetoric of moral fortitude and fiscal responsibility has become a national joke/embarrasment.
So fear will be the tactic they employ to make the dull numb minded proles believe that they must vote for the corporate royalist's latest lackey.
It'll be guns n god fear. Exactly the kind of whacked out non-issue that they've used to put the non-thinking proletariat masses directly into their hands for the past three decades. . . all that "moral majority" shit that just won't go away despite the obvious absurdity of it all.
Yes folks, be prepared to hear about how Obama wants to take away your guns. You'll be told that he's all for killing innocent babies. And don't forget what his middle name happens to be. . . . yeah, he can't be connected to YOUR god.
Terrorists! They're all over the place and this guy Obama wants to play footsie with em. Yea, footsie I tell ya!
Heeeeee's dangerous.

We got trouble, yea we got trouble
right here in your city
we got trouble
with a capital "T"
and that rhymes with "B"
and that stands for Barrack!

(apologies to Robert Preston and The Music Man)

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MacDaddy said...

Yes, I'm getting ready for all that distracting, divisive stuff, which the all-news shows will promote just to keep their J.O.B. That's why it's great to have some good blues to listen to. Freddie King, where art thou?