Friday, June 13, 2008

Who will survive?

Gas is over $4 per gallon. Milk has increased 25% in the past year. Food prices in general are gettiing ridiculous. Rice, the #1 food product for millions around the world is becoming over priced and scarce. Everything we need to buy is going through the roof in price. Yes, the corporate royalists are getting it all. They are making it so that every dollar you bring in is $.75 that goes into their pockets.
Some say it is the result of an unsustainable population. Some say global warming is having an effect. I believe the biggest contributor is corporate greed and short term profit.

So who will survive this mess? When we REALLY begin running low on oil and our food supply and warmth are effected and people can't get to jobs, more small businesses shut down. . . who will survive? When the food supply becomes REALLY scarce and people begin simply relying on staples to make it through the long days and months, who will survive?

I've seen the people who will survive. They and others like them who can live off the grid, independent of the oil supply, the modern food chain and all the other encumbrances. Those who survive are those who can pull it together, grow their own protein, fats and carbs and stay warm, sheltered and clothed without the aid of a giant society behind them.

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you-are-a-cretin said...

solution: incinerate hippies

then build more nuclear plants. We already build more than half of the nuclear plants on the planet.. none of them have problems