Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Open wide and swallow hard proles!

Every politician this side of the North Slope has a plan for relieving you of the burden of $4.00 per gallon gasoline. Most of them are telling you that the only solution is DRILL, DRILL, DRILL! There's just one problem with that little idea. . . IT WON'T FUCKING WORK! If we throw all the environmental protection laws out the window and fuck all the places we have tried to protect the past thirty or forty years, the price of a gallon of gas will only continue to rise. You see, the Saudis have a shit load of oil. They have more oil than everybody else put together and Americans consume more oil than almost everybody else put together. IF we open up ANWR and all our off shore areas to drilling, the output from those sources would be a drop in the bucket compared to our consumption and the amounts available in the middle east, Venezuela and even Mexico. More domestic drilling is a straw man and just another prop to make you ignorant morons believe there is a solution that doesn't involve grabbing the oil companies by the balls and squeezing until some of their obscene record profits shrink up like the dick they're fucking you with.
Remember, when oil companies discover new oil. They don't begin pumping it to relieve you of your burden, they wait till prices rise and then begin pumping it to add to their already obscene profits. That is what they do.

Another brilliant plan is to remove the federal gas tax. Last time I looked, the federal gas tax was somewhere around 20 cents per gallon. So if by some miracle the congress removed all federal taxes on gas, we would suddenly be paying $3.80 instead of $4.00 per gallon. Whoopy-doo. How long before demand goes up and prices go straight back up to $4.00? A week? Two weeks? More importantly, what happens when all the federal money used to fix bridges, roads and other highway infrastructure dries up? Can we afford to go a few months with no money being spent on motor transport infrastructure? Pretty soon it won't make a difference how much gasoline you can buy cuz yer roads are going to be wrecked. Yea, it won't take long. It's a constant battle for highway departments to keep our roads passable and our bridges safe.
Now remember, that tax removal was temporary, so when fall comes around, and your back up to paying not just $4.00 a gallon but probably a lot more because the oil companies are allowed to gouge you at will, you'll suddenly be hit with another 20 cent per gallon increase all at once. Man, that'll feel great.

Here's another good idea. . . let's let the oil cvompanies put all the hard won environmental regulations on the shelf and operate beyond them all. No reall, that's been one of the proposals. . . the oil companies, with their record profits, are being legislated to death.

Ya know, in the short term, the only thing that's going to keep the price of gasoline from going up, up, up is to put price controls and tax the hell out of their profits.
Alexander Hamilton, the man who believed that big government, with the captains of commerce setting the course would be the ideal form for the republic, believed that now and then, the federal government would have to step in and protect the public from the excesses of corporations.

In the long term, the only hope we have is to find alternative methods to fuel our world. Oil os running out and it's going to break our backs before it does if we're not careful. IF oil companies won't invest their profits in alternative fuels technology, we need to take their profits and fund such research. It's a matter of national and international survival.

Wake up you bunch of prozac chewing dull witted proles. This is simple shit for you folks. It doesn't take a Harvard economist to understand this crap. It take a little bit of interest and attention and then voting with a little common sense.
Or, open wide and swallow hard and take another load of corpo-fascist spew.


MacDaddy said...

You speak the truth.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

And Daddy, the thing that amazes me is that I aint all that smart, but I pay attention. Why is it that others just don't seem to want to pay attention?
And yea, I know they're all busy with life and stuff, but I am too and have been overwhelmed at times in my life, but I still paid attention. . . I felt it was a survival thing.

MacDaddy said...

sagacious: Since our country is involved in two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) and heading toward a third (Iran), one would think that Americans would be paying close attention. After all, lives and our economy are at stake...Maybe I'm being cynical, but I don't think they're going to pay much attention until a month before the election.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

This problem has been worrying the crap out of me for some time now, and you're right, it doesn't take a rocket science to figure it out or who the bad guys are in the planet-killing drama.