Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Billary R.I.P.

In one of the most awkward, inappropriate, neurotic and down right ungracious political moves of the past 50 years, Hillary Clinton last night remained firm in her declaration that she was . . . well. . . whatever it is she thinks she is. I can only think of Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech in 1960 as an example of something that even approaches the absurdity of what she did last night.

Mr. Obama was gracious to Billary in his words last night. Billary was insulting and antagonistic.

You have become a parody of yourself Billary. You are a national joke. You have made yourself irrelevant.

You have been defiant in the worse way and you have insulted the intelligence of 10s of millions of democrats and other citizens. We are sick and tired of your arrogant condescending bullshit and mock surprised expressions. It's time for you to go.

Mr. Obama would be making a huge mistake making you his VP, which I'm sure his incredible campaign team will not allow to happen. Yea, you got 18 million votes. 99% of those votes will go to Obama no matter what you think do or say. They are liberal democrats and won't be voting for McBush/McCain.

So off with you wench. Be gone. Let others with dignity and grace step up and become the national icons of political women leaders in America. Let those not motivated totally by personal greed and ambition be the examples that our daughters will carry into their adult lives.
You have failed in the worse way. You have failed totally. You have failed as a political leader. You have failed as a woman. You have failed as a democrat and as a citizen of the republic.
Now go, so we don't have to look at your stupid face no mo.

Yea, you and Monica. . . ya both blew it. Think about that for a while
But I suspect that over half of us saw the arrogance and condescension in your attitude from the start.

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MacDaddy said...

Yes, sagacious, it's going to be difficult for Sen. Clinton to come out of this race with a semblance of dignity. We'll see.