Friday, June 13, 2008

Boycott Faux News Advertisers

Faux (Fox) News is a joke. They lie. They make up facts. They simply say things that aren't true. Their supposed "news" is all about putting forth the right wing corpo-fascist agenda that is all about the greed of the corporate royalists.

Boycott advertisers on Faux News. They are bad people. They are traitors to the political processes that have made this country great.

Here are some advertisers I observed on Faux New tonight. Do not buy a single prduct from any of these companies if you love your country.

MetLife - There are plenty of life inurance companies around.

Oral-B "Vitality" tooth brush - it's a gimmick anyway.


Bayer Asprin - buy store brand. It's cheaper and asprin is asprin.

Johnsonville Brats - Anyone who would buy Johnsonville sausage products has no taste anyway. I buy store brand Italians and brats that are MUCH better than Johnsonville. If you've got a local pork store, who needs these flavorless crap tubes.

Southwest Airlines - find another airline

Sonic Scrubber - another gimmick for morons

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you-are-a-cretin said...

good luck with your boycott... don't boycott supporters of infanticide, though