Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A sad state of affairs

Some random thoughts. . .

In 2006, then gubernatorial candidate Sarah Palin answered a question on a questionaire sent to all Alaskan gubernatorial candidates with: "The explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support."
Hmmmm. . . today the question begs: "Why not?"
Do you not want your children to see "explicit" materials? What exactly does "explicit" mean? What harm will "explicit sex-ed programs" do to your children.
If someone told you that an "explicit sex-ed program" would have prevented your 17 yr old daughter from getting knocked-up last spring, would you support them now? Now that you know your daughter has had "explicit" relations with someone, would you rather she'd have been exposed to "explicit sex-up programs" instead?

Let's talk Mrs. Palin. . . I'm a very liberal American. If it's liberal, I probably support it. I'm one of those godless types you right wingers love to put down and act superior to. I have raised four children myself, ages 16 through 30. There have been no teenage pregnancies in our family. None of our children have been arrested. I've always known pretty much exactly where my children were at night until they left for college. All, except the 16 yr old have completed or are well on their way to completing college educations (honors, phi beta kappa, cum laude, etc, all). My 19 yr old son is in pre-med at a very well known and highly rated NE university.
My 16 yr old daughter, who is a beautiful, intelligent and very well liked and connected blond goddess has never even kissed a boy, never tasted an alcoholic drink or taken an illegal drug. She comes to us with all her problems and talks openly about everything. All our children have led similar lives.
I could go into detail about how we've accomplished this, but rest assured, it was not through a program of keeping them sheltered from the world in any way. It was not by shoving god and religious dogma down their throats. It was not be keeping the intimate details of sexual function hidden from them. It was not by restricting their free access to information in ANY way.
So tell us Mrs. Palin, what techniques did you use to raise your children with a good understanding of human sexuality and other human adult conditions? I'd really like to know.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I guess you told self-righteous hypocrite. I still suspect her youngest is her grandchild and that her daughter isn't five months pregnant. Oh, she may be preggers, but I can't imagine she's that far along unless they've had her locked in a closet the past two months.

Congrats on your spectacular success in raising your children well and to not be bigots, religious zealots, or members of the flat earth society.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

kit, sometimes ya gotta approach self righteousness from a self righteous point of view.
Yea, the whole thing is really fishy smelling. I suspect she will be deleted from the ticket soon in the same manner as Shriver was removed back in. . . well, whenever that was.
There are a whole bunch of republican operative who are really, really, pissed off right now as such a blunder.

As for my kids. . . I have to admit, I was very lucky because I made some really huge mistakes and was often not the man or father I should have been. I believe that openess and liberal access to education, information and experience saved them.

Inanna said...

Let us not leave out that Palin's foreign policy experience only extends to the indigenous tribes of Alaska. To that degree, I have more foreign policy experience.

I notice also that Governor Palin stated they were "proud of BRISTOL'S DECISION to have her baby." Based on Governor Palin's platform, Bristol would have had no other choice than to have her baby, because the good Governor doesn't believe in abortion for any reason.

Reading that Governor Palin's husband works for BP, she may as well be married to Dick Cheney.

It is an insult to every woman in America that Senator McCain believes we'll vote for him simply because his VP pick has a uterus, regardless of her utter lack of experience and yes, Neanderthalic policies.

I may believe that her daughter is off-limits, hell, I'm a single mother myself, however, if Sarah Palin stands on the platform of Abstinence only education, then I'd have to also ask, "How's that workin' for ya, Gov'na?"

SagaciousHillbilly said...

HA! Right on Nanna.
As usual you political observations are CORRECTO! You should make more of them.

rainywalker said...

The media has just touched the tip of the iceberg, give them some time and its going to get better, or worse depending on where we stand.