Sunday, October 7, 2007

Brrrreaking bullshit!

Bush honors fallen firefighters
AP - Sun Oct 7, 6:53 PM ET
EMMITSBURG, Md. - President Bush on Sunday honored fallen firefighters for their dedication and service to the nation.

Uh huh. Whatever. Don't the mindless proles just love this shit. It's right up there (or way down there) with standing at the WTC site with a bullhorn or sitting in a military mess hall acting like he's just wonna da guys.
Bullshit politics. I don't want to see another politician appearing before fire peoples, soldiers, construction workers, veterans or any other specific group where they can rack up cheap points for dramatic presentation and "patriotism." Fuck these grandstanding POS opportunists. Appear before the people. Go to town squares and shopping malls. Stand on the fucking street like politicians used to do. Show up in neighborhoods without three weeks notice and banners and flags waving everywhere. Just tell us what you think we should do as a country and shove the rest of the bullshit back down your throat. Spare me your cheap grace.

Faith `plays every role' in Obama's life
By JIM DAVENPORT, Associated Press Writer
Sun Oct 7, 2:54 PM ET

GREENVILLE, S.C. - White House hopeful Barack Obama stood in front of a pulpit Sunday and told worshippers that his faith "plays every role" in his life.
"It's what keeps me grounded. It's what keeps my eyes set on the greatest of heights," Obama told members of the Redemption World Outreach Center, whose 4,200-seat sanctuary was mostly full.

Awww geez, just shut the fuck up! Does every candidate have to pay hommage to the great sky wizard of Christian mythology? Ya know, if you believe in beings with magic twangers, magic underwear and other mythological poppy cock then I'm just not going to vote for your silly delusional ass.

Edwards raps Clinton over Blackwater tie
AP - Sat Oct 6, 7:08 AM ET
DES MOINES, Iowa - Democrat John Edwards said Friday the top strategist for presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton has ties to the controversial Blackwater security firm, and warned against installing "a group of corporate Democrats" to replace the Bush White House.

What candidate is the only one addressing social issues in our country that effect the poor and working class? What candidate is not afraid to lash out at the corporate royalists who are destroying our country and call them what they are? What candidate has a concrete plan for getting us OUT of Iraq expeditiously?
Listen to them. Listen to what they say.
FUCK! Does it have to be the white guy?
Sorry, but if the chick and the black guy want to get my vote they'd better start dealing with the issues I'm really interested in.

US appears guilty of torture: Pelosi
AFP - Sun Oct 7, 4:10 PM ET
WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States appears to be illegally torturing terror suspects contrary to denials by President George W. Bush, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday.

Ooooo, I'll be this gets coverage for about two days next week and then that'll be it. . . . but in those two days, there'll be talk of impeachment, investigations, subpoenas and lots of self righteous indignation. Inept morons.

Embattled Idaho senator honored in state
Sun Oct 7, 7:13 AM ET

BOISE, Idaho - Sen. Larry Craig has been chosen for induction into the Idaho Hall of Fame, despite his well-publicized arrest and guilty plea in an airport sex sting, officials said.

What can you say about this except; welcome to the Moron. . . oh, I mean, Mormon state. I guess if you can believe in magic underwear you can believe Larry Craig's lies. No problemo. Carry on morons.


Phoebe Fay said...

That last one about Larry Craig is the one that managed to leave me slack-jawed.

I guess there aren't that many famous Idahoans, so they take what they can get.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Well, they have "Famous Potatos."

I remeber a buddy of mine was in Naval Nuke training in Idaho back in the 70s and we were both home on leave from our various occupations, he in his Idaho licensed sports car. We decided to take a trip to NYC one day and were sitting at a stop light in the theater district around mid evening when some finely dressed NYers walked across the street in front of us. They looked down at his license plate and with big eyes and mocking smiles mouthed the words "Famous Potatos." We were both drunk, and he popped up out of the car and was going to shove a potato up some uptown yankee's ass. Ya had to be there. . .