Saturday, October 13, 2007

Reality check for America!

Time to do a reality check. The corpo-fascists in charge have gotten us bogged down into an unending war that is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars per year and hundreds of millions of dollars per day to execute. When we look closely at that execution of war it is nothing but one big cluster fuck on top of another. General Ricardo Sanchez, who commanded "coalition forces" in 2003 said about the current situation "There is no question that America is living a nightmare with no end in sight." Nice, huh?
I so did want for my country to never be involved in another Viet Nam style mess, but here we are up to our necks in something worse.
Can you possibly remember what it was like in America during the mid 90s? Contemplate the differences between then and now.
Ok. here we go. I can here the drooling proles now "9/11, 9/11, man, everything changed after 9/11. . . 9/11." fuck you prole. The only thing that changed was that 21 piece of shit Arab upstarts got lucky and the corpo-fascist traitors now had a legitimate sounding rallying point around which to perpetrate their plans and you ignorant proles guzzled down their jizz. They then set about raiding the national treasury and invading Iraq in order to take over the oil fields. . . uh, invasion didn't work out so well, did it. . . (I told you so).

So yea, if we'd have continued on the path we were on in the 90s, things would still be good. There would have been an economic downturn to contend with, but that could have been Moron Monkey Boy Bush the Chimp's legacy. . . "he got us out of recession." Instead, we have the biggest, baddest, most fucked up cluster fuck in the modern history of America. Our economy is a mess (except for those highly invested in the stock market), the Constitution of the United States is in the worse shape it's ever been in, we've gone from budget surplus to the absolute most preposterous record national debt ever and we're bogged down in a "nightmare" of a war in Iraq.

That's reality folks. Were were you in 1999? You voted for Bush? Oh please don't tell me that. . . you fucking moron prole.

Now, let's take a look at what going on today in Washington.
The Bushistas are threatening to veto budget items put forth by the current democrat controlled congress.
After running us into debt beyond our grandchildren's generation on things like war, tax cuts for the rich and corporate welfare programs, while cutting domestic spending programs the corpo-fascist administration is threatening to veto congressional bills that will refund some of those domestic programs. We're talking about things like low-incoome housing, job training, community block grants. . . and oh, did I mention that they have already vetoed the children's health care plan?
It seems to me that it's time for this lilly livered congress to take control of the reigns of government and start making things happen. I've just about had it with the corpo-fascist republicans making demands at this point in the game. It's kinda like you've got the playground bully up against the wall with your forearm across his neck and your other arm is drawn back in a fist and he's telling you that you'd better back off or he's going to kick your ass.

Note to congress: Drop this motherfucker now!

My turkey flock wouldn't put up with such absurd bullshit.

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