Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Terrorism" and Ignorant Proles

Ok all you dumb fuck ignorant proles, let's go over this again. Pay fucking attention this time!!!

A bunch of half crazed Islamic fundamentalist buffoons are not the 'biggest threat to this country that we've ever seen.' In fact, they are little threat at all.

Listen up bozo, I lived through the cold war when the USSR had 10,000 missles pointed at the United States. When, with the push of a button, every city and every inhabitant of those cities and a hundred miles around would have been wiped off the face of the Earth within minutes of pushing the button. Not only were the cities targeted, but all industrial areas and important agricultural centers. There would have only been a very small population of slack jawed rural rubes like me left walking in the USA.

How about the Germans who defeated most of Europe and threatened the very existence of our country. Can you imagine the imperative and amount of effort it took to defeat and contain that threat. At the same time, the Japanese attacked us on our soil and threatened to wipe out our economy and way of life. Either one of those threats make the threat of "Islamic terrorism" look like a tiny fly on a cow's ass. It is an insult to the great people who fought and defeated the enemy in WWII to say that "Islamic terrorism is somehow a major threat to our existence."
Remember learning about the war between the states, better known as The Civil War or have you forgetten EVERYTHING you've ever been taught? Was that not a far greater threat to our existence than some handfull of mid easterners running around with used rifles, a few RPGs and with no better weapons than a hijacked airliner? Again, you insult the tens of thousands who lost their lives preserving the union by saying Islamic terrorist are the biggest threat we've ever had.

People, listen, we have the biggest and badest military in the history on the world. We spend 600 billion dollars a year on our military. Are we to sit around with our security shaken and shivering in our bunkers over a few suicidal whack jobs? Come on, let's get real. Let's put things into perspective.
Do you know what the chances are of you getting even hurt an a terrorist attack? Almost nothing. . . zilch, aint gonna happen. Do you know what the chances are of you getting hurt or killed in a car accident? Very high. It's a big possibility. How many people do you know who have been killed or hurt in a vehicle accident?

In the past 20 years, how many Americans do you think have been killed in terrorist attacks? Well, I'd like to tell you, but it seems to be a statistic that's hard to find. Seems no one in the government has made that information available and no one seems to be able to decide what is terrorism and what's not when you try and compile the stats. I can tell you that 45,000 people died on America's highways last year and there were 2,974 deaths on 9/11. That is 6.6% of the yearly highway deaths in America. How many Americans were killed by terrorists on American soil last year?

Wouldn't the billions of dollars being spent on "the war on terrorism" be better spent making our highways safer? How many deaths could be avoided if we took 10% of the money spent on "the war on terror" and applied it to highway safety and improvement (could we get a little blacktop out here)?

As the moronic proles tremble in their homes convinced that terrorists are lurking in the dark, they drink alcohol to excess, smoke tobacco, eat foods that are of little or no nutritional value and in fact contribute to bad health, partake of recreational drugs, and engage in high risk behaviors for entertainment. That's what's going to kill you bozo, not some mid easterner with a bomb.

Meanwhile, the US government refuses to release a report done (with your tax dollars) assessing air safety in America. That's right, they won't tell you how safe or unsafe it is for you to get on a commercial airliner and fly to your destination, but they will try and brainwash you into thinking terrorists are lurking around every corner.

So why are Americans willing to give up constitutional liberties, alter their lifestyles and generally submit to whatever is asked of them in the name of "fighting terrorism?" The answer is simple. . . you're all a mass of pitiful desperate buffoons who have never been taught to think for yourself and critically analyze anything. You gulp whatever jizz the media and government spew in your face. You're idiots.

So I have one thing to say to all these presidential candidates who are running on the idea that 'terrorism is the greatest threat to our nation.' FUCK YOU! And fuck all you ignorant idiotic proles who buy into this line of horse shit. You don't deserve to have decent intellectual candidates running for president if you're dumb fuck enough to believe that stupid line of total bullshit. You also don't deserve the liberties and freedoms that so many have given their lives for simply to have you squander it away to the first bunch of fascist pigs that talk sweet to you or make threats against your "homeland security."

Welcome to America 2007. It's a lot like Orwell's 1984.


AngryMan said...

I have a solution to this country's highway problem.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That's brilliant. I'm sure you are full of other bright ideas. When the ignorant proles come to their senses and elect a sagacious one to lead them, I'll be sure and remember what a mental giant of technolgy you are.

C.Rag said...

When I see the word proles, I see poles which reminders me of...