Sunday, October 14, 2007

Brrrrreaking news. . . some worth noting, some worthless.

Wild elephants converge on Indian island
Sat Oct 13, 10:08 AM ET

GAUHATI, India - About 100 wild elephants have converged on a river island in northeast India, demolishing homes, feasting on sugarcane and panicking residents, officials said Saturday.
Thousands of villagers were using firecrackers and bonfires to scare away the rampaging animals.
"Dozens of houses have been destroyed in the past three days by adult elephants entering human settlements to look for their wandering calves," said the local magistrate, L.S. Changsan.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Normally iin the animal world, when animals feel threatened by human invasion ie: habitat loss, drought, etc., they move farther into the far reaches of their natural environment. Obviously, these animals have reached their breaking point and afterall, they are elephants.
Animal behavioralists are pretty much in agreement that elephants are one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. They have extraordinary ways of communicatinig over long distances and have memories, well, like elephants. I'll never forget the video I once saw of two elephants who were brought together on an elephant refuge in Texas and went absolutely nuts over each other. The handlers were baffled as to why these eelephants were so immediately attached to one another. After a little research, they found out that they had been together at one point 25 years earlier in a 3rd rate circus. Each had had varied life experiences fill with many other elephants in the 25 years since, but they still immediately recognized each other and fawned over each other. Elephants are incredible, seemingly sentient beings.
So what about these Indian elephants. . . desperate. Let the animals revolt. It's about time. They've put up with genocide and senseless abuse long enough.

Dentist claims breast rubs appropriate
Fri Oct 12, 8:24 PM ET

WOODLAND, Calif. - A dentist accused of fondling the breasts of 27 female patients is trying to keep his dental license by arguing that chest massages are an appropriate procedure in certain cases. Mark Anderson's lawyer says dental journals discuss the need to massage the pectoral muscles to treat a common jaw problem.
Police say Anderson said during recorded phone calls that he routinely massaged patients' chests to treat temporo-mandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, which causes neck and head pain.

You go dude. I'm with this guy. Absolutely true. I think all women should become receptive to chest massage and I'll decide which ones I want to volunteer my services. A good rub down is not complete without a good message of the pecs, abs and other frontal muscles.
I'm known for giving good messages and I'm ready to avail my services.

Embattled Sen. Craig honored in Idaho
By JOHN MILLER, Associated Press Writer
Sun Oct 14, 3:09 AM ET

BOISE, Idaho - Sen. Larry Craig was named Saturday night to the Idaho Hall of Fame, marking the Republican lawmaker's first ceremonial appearance back in his home state since his arrest in an airport bathroom sex sting became public in August.
Craig, 62, seated near the front of the banquet room, received polite applause and a few encouraging hoots when he was introduced.

Yes, the wise fathers of Idaho (no, Larry da ho), have gone and done it. No last minute withdrawls of his nomination, no politically correct and carefully worded statement from the nominating committee putting his induction on hold. Nope, Larry Craig is now a member of the Idaho (Larry da ho?) Hall of Fame.
How honored the other members must feel.

Quixtar sues 30 over Web remarks
Sun Oct 14, 2:15 AM ET

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. - Direct-marketing firm Quixtar Inc., a sister company of Amway Corp., has sued 30 people who anonymously posted what it considers disparaging remarks about Quixtar in blogs and online forums and in videos.
In the lawsuit filed this past week in Ottawa County Circuit Court, Quixtar seeks an injunction and damages of more than $25,000 against the posters, identified only as John Does.

I guess in these time of constitutional negligence and corporate anti-litigation movements, people aren't free to express their opinions.
I hope this bothers bloggers everywhere and people who believe in freedom and the Constitution of the United States.

Just for the record: Quixtar sucks. They are a low life corporation that has no regard for people's personal freedoms. I'll bet they are run by a bunch of unethical scam artists who throw happy parties for little children just so they can get dates.

Man wanted for child rape back in U.S.
BROWNSVILLE, Texas - A fugitive wanted in Tennessee on multiple counts of child rape and exploitation was captured Saturday near Matamoros, Mexico, and jailed in southern Texas.

Former Quixtar executive.

Obama goes door-to-door in Iowa
By AMY LORENTZEN, Associated Press Writer
Sat Oct 13, 9:35 PM ET

DES MOINES, Iowa - Democrat Barack Obama knocked on doors in the Iowa capital Saturday talking up his opposition to the war in Iraq.

Yo, Barack! Get outta Iowa. You're wasting your time. Aint a damn thing there but a bunch of flat landers who haven't seen anyone who wasn't their relative for many generations. . . oh, but they KNOW YOU AINT their relative. That place is the most white bread, midwest boring, dried up shell of a human environ within the confines of America. Who cares what ANYONE in Iowa thinks?

No sex for 40 mln years? No problem for 1 organism
By Michael Kahn Thu Oct 11, 2:12 PM ET
LONDON (Reuters) - One microscopic organism has thrived despite remaining celibate for tens of millions of years thanks to a neat evolutionary trick, researchers said.

Asexual reproduction has allowed duplicate gene copies of the single-celled creatures -- called bdelloid rotifers -- to become different over time.

This is typical drivel reporting froom the main stream media on science. It is confusing and in many places makes no sense.

Rotifera are NOT single celled organisms.
Many organisms reproduce exclusively asexually and have gotten along fine for millions of years. Mutations through many avenues provides all the genetic diversity required.

Too often, moron writers try to tackle subjects like physics, biology and aerospace without a shred of knowledge on the subject. They interview a couple people over the phone and then come up with stupid confusing bullshit like this.

the horror.

Pumpkin-chucking events popular for fall
By The Associated Press
Mon Oct 8, 3:27 PM ET

What can you do with pumpkins? The list is not all that long. You can make pumpkin pies and breads, carve jack o'lanterns or use them to decorate your front porch.
Or you can send them hurling into the autumn sky at 400 mph with a 30,000-pound cannon.
The World Championship Punkin Chunkin' contest. . . takes place Nov. 2-4 in Bridgeville, Del., about 30 miles from Lewes and 90 miles from Washington. The event began in 1986 and bills itself as the oldest and largest competition of its type. Last year over 50,000 spectators turned out to watch 100 teams compete, organizers said.

Well shit fire! I bin partaking of sport. Ever morning I go out into the well house and get a pumpkin that didn't make it to market for various reasons. I then carry em over toward the barnyard and launch it by hand as hard as I can sos it smashes on the ground and breaks into as many pieces as possible. The turkeys and chickens then pick on the pieces and the seeds all day long until they aint nuthin but a thin skin left.
We got the property, and we got the pumpkins. Maybe next year we'll just have to have the competition. I wonder if those cannons will scare the laying hens and if all them folks would mess up my hay fields?


C.Rag said...

I support the chest massager dentist. There's nothing wrong with fondling. I think that dentist & this guy should go into practice together.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Yeah I support the dentist too!
As for Senator Craig, he should be in HALL OF SHAME!