Wednesday, October 10, 2007

W Va politics and silly ex-pres

October 10, 2007
Bill Clinton to host Manchin fundraiser on Saturday
By Phil Kabler
Staff writer
In addition to being keynote speaker for state Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, former President Bill Clinton will also host a fundraiser for Gov. Joe Manchin’s re-election campaign on Saturday.

OK, a little backgound info on this one. . . JoeBob Manchin is what we around here call a republocrat as are most of the southern democrats in West Virginia. Back in the 1800s they were call "Bourbon Democrats." They pander like drooling lap dogs to the corporate interests. . . mostly the coal maggots (A derogatory term or "coal magnets") like they are their political patrons. . . . hmmmmmm. They work to convince the proletariat that coal is their past present and future. They will drop to their knees and begin making strange sucking sounds whenever a corporate entity begins talking about opening a plant or other facility within the state (which happens at a VERY infrequent rate). Sadly, corporate entities enter the state look around and think, well, this might be a good place and then they encounter the politicians, all of whom think they are the incarnation of Boss Hog.

So Joe Manchin (they changed their name generations ago from Mancini or Mancino or something into something more waspy sounding) is the epitomy of these pseudo dems. He is sort of a West Virginia version of the Moron Monkey Boy Bush the Chimp. Ya see, JoeBob's grandaddy was a store keeper near Farmington, WV. Farmington was the site of the worse mine disaster in the history of WV. Grandpa Joe opened up his store to all the widows and others effected by the disaster and made himself into a ledgend. The Manchins have been riding that ledgend for the past 50 years. JoeBob even inherited the store. Sadly, JoeBob is the one who has taken it the farthest and is also one of the dumbest of them all. . . although, Uncle A. James Manchin was pretty damn stupid. . . Google his name, you won't believe what a moron this guy was.

So here we have Bill Clinton, one of the best presidents of modern times buddying up to Joe Manchin, one of the dumbest and most republicanesque governors of modern times in WV. Go figure.

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