Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Fascsim in America. . . land of the not so free, where are the brave?

Lawmaker shows nude photo to students
45 minutes ago
NORWALK, Ohio - A state legislator surprised a high school class when the computer he was using projected a photo of a nude woman during a lecture on how a bill becomes a law.
. . . .
Police interviewed Barrett and school officials and seized the data memory stick and the computer to determine where the image came from, a state highway patrol spokesman said.
. . . .
"I have no idea where these came from," the Democrat said.

Bullshit from the top down. The guy fucked up and projected one of the porn images he keeps on his computer. Big fucking deal. . . quit denying it and making the absurd excuse "I have no idea where they came from."

As for the police getting involved; fuck the fascist bullshit that is going down in this country. Don't you ignorant proles see it? Last week some guy got tazered for being a loud mouthed asshole in front of John Kerry. BTW: Kerry never condemned the thuggery.
People are getting arrested for excersizing their civil rights in this country. Wake up you bunch of sleeping proles. It's soon going to be too late.
Do you know that the Blackwater private security firm was patrolling the streets of New Orleans in their black hummvees, black uniforms and black assault rifles? Think about that image and what it indicates.
In my home state a couple were arrested at a George Bush rally for wearing inoffensive, but opposing tee shirts. Yes, arrested and taken to jail.
Do you realize you can't function in this society without picture ID? You can't open a bank account, fly on an airplane or enter a government building.
Is this acceptable?


Phoebe Fay said...

Well, to be fair to the guy, consider an alternate explanation... it's a high school. What high school kid wouldn't love the idea of sticking nudie pictures into the middle of some boring presentation? It's like a 15-year-old's wet dream of a practical joke.

As for the police getting involved, you're oh so right! It's fascist bullshit top to bottom.

AngryMan said...

Well, if the naked chick was ugly, then I could see the cops getting involved. I mean, hell, who wants to look at naked ugly people?

C.Rag said...

I have to agree w/Angry. There should be laws against ugly people. Fascist tend to be ugly so they'll be making the rules.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Oh man, I am so happy to have you guys here I'm gonna put you on my maniac list.
And thanks for not cussing. I"m trying to keep it clean. My 15 yr old reads this stuff.
Oh, and AngryMan, is that the Welshman Richard Burton you post as your picture? I've been thinking of using Dylan Thomas as mine. Those old Swansea boys knew how to raise the dead.

Hot4AngryMan said...

I only want to be treated as a slut by the one & only, AngryMan.
Maybe my female brain can't comprehend, but what's wrong with naked pictures?

Timon said...

Police don't take any second chances, which is why they came. Seriously they wanted to investigate. If it was from his computer and he admitted it, it would've been dealt with, but now they're going with what they've been told. That's how it works. I'm sure the students didn't mind but of course the teacher would be in the classroom..