Saturday, October 6, 2007

Campaign lies. . .fantasies. . . ho hum

I'm sittin here thinking "what do these republican candidates think I am? A dumb slack jawed hillbilly?"

Let's begin this post with this simple and true piece of information:
When Bill Clinton, the democrat, took office in 1992, he inherited a gigantic record deficit that had been accumulated by 12 years of Reagan/Bush republican administrations. His top priority was attacking that deficit and getting the federal budget under control. He assembled the greatest team of American economic scholars ever assembled and went about the task. By the time he left office eight years later, we had had a budget surplus for two years and a surplus was projected all the way into the year 2012. We also saw the greatest economic experience in the history of the United States while Bill Clinton the democrat was in the Oral. . .oh, I mean Oval Office.

Enter George Bush the Moron Monkey Boy administration. . . (I call it an "administration" because everyone with any sense knows that Monkey Boy Bush the Chimp is not really running anything except the midnight snack menu at the White house).

We, now, after seven years of these corpo-fascist pricks in the White House and Congress pillageing the national treasury and raping the American people of all their spare change, have the most incredibly out of control federal budget and exponentially the largest federal debt in the history of The Republic and our real economy (the economy of the working class and middle class) is in shambles.

Enter the current crop of republican presidential candidates:

John McCain:
"[democrats] will tax, spend, regulate and dictate for the benefit of special interests and partisan objectives."

"Republicans are amateur spenders, and Democrats are professional spenders."

"I think she [Clinton, wife of the deficit killer, Bill Clinton] would change America, and we'd go from prosperity to poverty."

So just how fucking stupid are the slack jawed proles? Will they buy into this absurd line of garbage? Will many of them go to the polls clinging to the politics of lies, hate, fear mongering and deceit that makes them feel oh so secure like the lies that daddy used to tell them? We'll see and we'll pay dearly if they do.

Y'all have a good weekend. It's October and I've got a load of pumpkins from my pumpkin patch to sell. If ya see my truck, it'll have a sign on the back that says "Any pumpkin, $4." We're gonna get rich on these things I tell ya.


AngryMan said...

McCain has turned into a total toolshed. Remember when he called Robertson and Falwell agents of intolerance? Remember how McCain recently said that he prefered a Christian as President? TOOLSHED!

C.Rag said...

Have you read Alan Greenspan's new book? He said Clinton was one of the best fiscally responsible presidents he has seen.

Phoebe Fay said...

Silly Sag. You're talking about "facts" and "reality." People who believe the tooth fairy is going to swoop down and take them off the planet are not swayed by these trifles.