Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anecdotal or not. . .

This is just about it in a nutshell. Yea, it's all anecdotal, but man, does it sound familiar to what I've been hearing over and over here in the Mountain State.
I've heard highly educated engineers say "he's a Muslim!" I've heard fairly well healed folks who wouldn't be described as "rubes" use the "N" word when discussing Obama. I've heard lots of working and middle class folks come up with lame excuses like "I just don't know what he stands for." Then you ask them what Billary or McBush/McCain "stands for" and it get even lamer.

Pitiful racist working class proles who have no idea about anything including their own best interests.

Vote for McCain/McBush you ignorant dumb fucks hillbillies. You'll deserve the ton of shit that will be the result of 4-8 more years of corpo-fascism. Yea, it could get worse here in the hills.

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you-are-a-cretin said...

I enjoy you building your argument on fallacy.. what will you do next?