Monday, May 19, 2008

John McCain/McBush and his national security strategy

Ok, here a pitifully brief synopsis of the situation.

The military has an antiquated tanker fleet made up of 1950s era 707s and 1960s L1011s (they don't call them that, but that's what they are). In fact, the 707 was originally manufactured to be an air force refueling tanker.

So they need new ones. Soon. They had two options, using American made Boeing 777s or European made Airbus 360s.
They eventually picked the European option. Whuuuh?! Why not the Boeing American made, lots of new American jobs, stability for Americas biggest airplane manufacturers. . . one of only two in the world that make big planes these day and one of America's finest manufacturers with a rich tradition and culture of excellence?
The biggest military contract in years and for years to come goes to a European company?
Believe me, there are many people scratching their heads and wondering "what the fuck?!"
Yea, they're going to get good planes. Probably just as good and reliable as the Boeing option. But why not chose the American company if they seem to be about equal with each having it's advantages? Wouldn't it be better to have one of the most strategically important pieces of America's military defence manufactured in the USA by a domestic company if for nothing else but security reasons?
There are lots of good excuses to these question but no good answers.

Now, one of the opponents of Boeing was John McCain/McBush. Yes, the man who wants ot be your president of these United States scuttled a previous contract with Boeing and was against them getting the recently awarded contract. Huh? WTF?

It also turns out that his "national finance co-chair, one Thomas G. Loeffler, former congressional Rep (R) from Texas has his own lobbying firm and guess who his biggest client is . . YEA, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co., which is the parent company of Airbus.
Now, all together "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!"

When Boeing is laying off workers from it's facilities in Seattle, Chicago and Kansas City and other places, when the instrument manufacturer in HomeTown, USA shuts down and 75 good paying jobs are lost, or when the composite manufacturing facility in someone elses home town shuts down and 150 jobs are lost, everytime some manufacturer who could have remained solvewnt with some of that Boeing contract money closes its doors, remember who lost those jobs for you and thousands of other Americans. Remember who believed that personal gain was more important than American jobs and ultimately our national security. Some dare call it treason.

Will the proles really vote for this little corpo-fascist worm?

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