Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Billary the lying chameleon bitch gun advocate

Sorry, but the gloves are off.

Billary has gone through one of the most astounding transformation in political history. Ya see, Billary was once the champion of well-to-do working mothers, liberal intellectuals, and the granola chewing left wing crowd. There was no mistaking who Billary was and what she stood for. Back when Billary was in the White House the first time, she used to poke fun at the stay-at-home soccer moms, but all that has changed, you see Billary is now the champion of the uneducated white working class and poor. She has parlayed her position into one that will defend them from the forces of 'the dark side.' She will be their firewall against that uppity. . . uh, other candidate.

She has given up on the people of color, the intellectuals and the "latte liberals," so in her effort to woo the uneducated white working class and poor she has been using NASCAR metaphors, giving speeches at truck stops and using an awfull lot of "y'alls" in her stump speeches across the south. But now Billary has pulled out the big guns (no pun intended). She is now questioning Mr. Obama on his views toward gun control. Yes, gun control. This is the woman who wanted to register ALL firearms in the USA back in her last White House days. This is a woman who was an enemy of the NRA. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BILLARY?!?! Are you fucking nuts? No, just a horrendously treacherous, low life recreant. Of course, all this was done through mailings just a few days before the primaries in Indiana and NC today. There is no time for Mr. Obama to get the message out that Billary is a lying piece of shit with her bullshit. This was a totally planned assault.
Can we now look forward to Billary being the champion of the pro-life movement? How about a big "family values" campaign.

I used to admire and respect the Clintons. Now I despise them. They have earned my scorn in oh so many ways.


Macon D said...

Mine too.

MacDaddy said...

Good post. The transformation of both Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain. As you know, and as Arianna Huffington spells out over at Huffington Post, McCain went from a straight-talking reformist to right-wing panderer. Now, he's holding hands with Anti-Catholic and racist preachers and is okay with torture.

Sen. Clinton, as you mentioned, has gone from lover of folks of color, gun control and peace advocate to racist panderer to the racist component of the working class, gun owning advocate and war hawk. The key thing for me-- and the reason I won't vote for her if she's nominated-- is that there is no basic difference between her and McCain, especially in terms of foreign policy. It's no secret that they are best friends in the senate simply because they think alike on most of the issues. Hillary's just a Republican in pantsuit.