Friday, May 16, 2008

Guns 'n god republican thugs

:How long is the old worn out republican playbook going to work?

You can't take away guns in this country. The people won't stand for it. I can look around the room from where I'm sitting and see numerous guns. I can walk into the next room and see numerous more. Yea, I like having some guns around and handy here on the farm 15 miles from the nearest store and another 10 to the nearest town whch happens to be in a different county, so the closest county deputies won't come out here. When I go out and about in my pastures taking care of fences and just generally checking on things, I pack a pistol. You never know what you're going to find, be it an animal thatneeds to be put down or a vermint harrassing my animals. Yea, if some shit goes down out here, I'm going to have to be the one to handle it. I won't be able to huddle in my home and wait while Brinks Home Security calls the police for me. See, I have an imperitive to have my guns. I really do have to have them should I need to protect my family, home, barn, livestock or whatever. Oh, and if the shit hits the fan we're equiped for either lethal or non-lethal intervention and it will be used quickly and forcefully. If some raging threatening motherfucker is coming through my door, he's dead. If some dumb bubba motherfucker is trying to steal my shit down in the barnyard, he's got an ass load of buckshot. . . . you get the idea.

That said and true, I almost always vote for liberal candidates. The ones that the corpo-fascist lying republicans say are goingto take my guns away.

In all my adult life, I've never seen a single piece of legislation taken the least bit seriously that was the slightest threat to my gun ownership. . . .never not one.

Here's a picture of the latest gus 'n god republican dip-shit. I've been to this store where he is in this picture. I've actually bought things that I was going to use there and not just "a fishing rod and some bobbers."
Yea, he used all the old bullshit lines about democrats taking away yer guns. Then he went on to an NRA convention in the great similarly rednecked state of KY.
Oh, and a hint to Mrs. McCain. . . you might want to do a comb over on that wild receding hairline of yours. . . either that or rent it out for billboard space.

Ed. We do need legislation that takes guns out of the hands of criminals and children. Such things as thorough background checks for certain types of pistols and limits on the number of high powered rifles and pistols one person can buy in a month.
People are going to states where they can buy all the pisotls they want of any kind and taking them into urban areas where they are sold to the highest bidder.
Why would anyone need more than one, two or three pistols per month? Why would they need more than a certain amount in a year? Ditto high powered rifles.
Make a good case for why anyone needs the right to unlimitted gun purchases and I will listen, but so far, all I've heard is "if we do that, then more resprictions will follow." Bullshit. That is not what legislative history dictates. If anything, resptrictive legislation tends to get recinded rather than enacted upon further.
Oh geez, don't give me some bullshit anecdotal evidence about some single issue that is just the opposite of the norm. I really tire of all the redneck white trash NRA twist and turn bullshit that you proles open wide and guzzle when they shove it down your throat.


MacDaddy said...

The Republicans have no answers. Barack is right: the Reagan idea of small government and tax breaks for the rich has messed up our government. So now all they have is guns, gays and the questioning of Michelle Obama's patriotism. You can't make this stuff up.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Kinda pitiful Mac.
Also the notion of "small gov't" under Reagan is a farse. Our national debt climbed the highest in history up untill that point, under the republican Reagan, then Bush the Elder broke the record, then Clinton the democrat got the deficit under control, then Bush the Chimp republican completely blew all records away and we are now living with a national debt beyond anyone's wildest dreams just seven short years ago. Guess where most of that debt money went to. . . yup, the pockets of the corporate royalists.
As far as I'm concerned, that's treason, which by definiton, is the act of jeopardizing the national security for self interests and gain.
Too bad the manbaby democrats are eafraid of their own shadow, otherwise we'd have had an impeachment by now. You can bet your bottom dollar that had MoronMonkeyBoy been a democrat he'd have been dispatched faster than a lion on a day old deer.