Tuesday, May 6, 2008

North Carolina, Indiana and heros.

WooHooo! Obama has won North Carolina by a BIG margin.

Here is a picture of my son in Indiana. . .

He left Pennsylvania the morning after the primary and headed west. He stopped in his home port of Columbus, OH for a day and while there completely blew out his knee. I tried to get him to come home and get a good diagnosis, but he said he had to go to Indiana, so after a day delay, he headed west to Indiana. He has been there ever since, tied to a desk, "cutting turf" (whatever that means) for canvases and doing whatever he is capable of doing to help the camapign. He's standing in the picture, but just barely.

I spoke with him a little while ago and again tried to get him to come home for a few days, get a good diagnosis and rest his knee for a while, but he told me he couldn't, that he hoped that in the next day or so he'd be headed to Oregon.

How could a father be more proud? I just do not have the words.

Obama has won NC by 14%!!
Indiana is still too close to call with over 200,000 votes not yetcounted from Obama stronghold counties.

It's done.


MacDaddy said...

I know you are very proud of your son. And, yes, the North Carolina win for Obama is huge. It's the last big state really. Now, there's even less of a chance for Sen. Clinton to win. But of course the pundits will try to badmouth Obama just to keep the fiction going and to justify their bullshit job.

But I have to confess that I got totally fed up today. A friend of mine just got back from Chicago, where he was visiting relatives. He said the level of violence there surprised even him and, before coming to Minneapolis, he had lived there all of his life. I posted about it just now. But seeing your son and hearing about his work is making me feel a little better. Thanks.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mac, I see the same level of hopelessness in the rural area where I live. I truly believe it's all about "hope." When ya aint got none, ya aint got no reason to act in a civil manner.
I can't help but hope that Mr. Obama knows this profoundly and his message of hope is somewhat about this hopelessness.
You've got mail.