Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Say it aint so Teddy

Senator Edward M. Kennedy: An American Icon.

I'll always remember Ted Kennedy in one of two way:

looking very intellectual as he gives an issue all the attention and study that it deseves on the senate floor:

or with fire in his eyes and voice delivering his studied opinion on some issue on the senate floor.

Either way, Senator Kennedy has always contemplated the good of the country and most important, the good of the people into all his decisions. He is a man who could have sat back and just enjoyed his family fortune with a life of leisure and ease, but instead he chose to fight the good fight and give back to his country that which had been so abundantly given to him.
After watching all three of his brothers die in service to their country he still chose to go on and forge his own legacy of service that makes most pale in comparison.

Back in 1969 Kennedy was involvedin tragic car accident on Chappaquiddick Island in which a young woman he was with died. Unfortunately his political enemies used that incident against him. Sure, he wasn't without sin, but to claim that he killed Mary Jo Kopechne was simply absurd and the voters of Massachusetts agreed.

So despite whatever flaws anyone would like to highlight about Senator Edward M. Kennedy, he has been and continues to be a beacon of unselfish service to the United States of America and represents the last of a generation of a family that gave almost everything and the best of what they had to their country. If half of America's citizens showed half of the dedication and willingness to sacrifice that those wonderful, inspiring and pivileged white boys from Hyannisport gave, our country would be great again.

Thanks Ted, for all you've done, all the causes you've championed and all the battles you've fought for all the people of the United States of America. May you fight the good fight against this serious diagnosis you have been given and live to fight many more.

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MacDaddy said...

Good post.

Kennedy is a fighter. Always has been.