Friday, May 9, 2008

Idiots of the democratic party

There are 795 "super delegates."
271 "super delegates" support Billary and are holding to that position. They are ignorant morons.
266 support Obama.
258 have not yet declared their support for anyone. They are slimey bottom feeding scum suckers who ought to be treated with the greatest distain and revulsion.

It's time for party leaders to unite behind one candidate. . . oh never mind, that would take LEADERS. There are no leaders in the democratic party, just cheap political whores with no backbone or good ethics.


MacDaddy said...

Lack of leadership is right. That's why i'm an independent, and not a democrat.

MacDaddy said...

Hey, sagacious: Do I have permission to post your comments on my blog? I think it's precisely what a lot of people are feeling about superdelegates right now. I was particularly disappointed that Edwards didn't come out for Obama during the North Carolina primary. Not only could he have signaled to his former supporters to get behind Obama, he could have gotten closer to Obama's people. I'm sure Obama would have been grateful and would show it by offering him a top position in his administration. Now, when Obama gets in office, he can rightfully ask Edwards, "Where were you when I did the primary in home state?"

Let me know if I can post your comments. Of course you're free to post mine anytime. Thanks.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

MacDaddy. I'd be honored.