Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thin Lizzy - The Cowboy Song

Fuck politics. This really matters.

Damn, it's hard to believe that this song is over 30 years old.
If you love a smooth guitar, or two smooth guitars, how can you not love this song. One of, if not the first rock band to use two dueling lead guitars.
This is one of the best rock bands ever and certainly the best thing to come out of Ireland ever. The lead singer and song writer, Phil Lynott, was half Irish, half Afro-Brazilian and 100% rock n roll. Sadly, he died around '86 from too much drugs and alcohol.
But thanks Phil for some of my favorite songs.
Thin Lizzie Jail Break Album is in my top 5 and the licks on "The Cowboy Song" are pure honey.


MacDaddy said...

Fantastic! I loved the Muddy Waters one too.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mac, IF you weant to kill a few hours, go to and search Muddy Waters, or someone like that or even "blues."
It's like crack for the soul once you start listening and seeing what's there.