Wednesday, May 14, 2008

MoronMonkeyBoy keeps hittin em outta the park

With all the politiking going on it's easy to lose sight of what the MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp is up to these days. Hell, with John McCain/McBush around, who needs the piece of shit frat boy? And afterall, isn't getting a democrat elected, a non-corporate democrat more important than anything else? We need to get the nightmare of these past 7 years behind us and move on.
But what the hell, let's check in on the little lying scum sucker anyway, shall we?

Recently Georgie the little semi-mentally retarded presidential poser said "it's harder bein the son of a preseedent than the preseedent."
I believe it you little Texass turd. Being president you have everyone telling you exactly what to say, how to say it, where to go when and generally watching every move you make and keeping you from fucking up too bad. When you were only the president's son, you kinda had to be careful on your own, although, I'm sure they kept a fairly tight reign on you. You couldn't get drunk and drive, you probably had to quit buying and snorting cocaine and you had to be careful just where you were spotted. Well, they seemed to have done a fairly good job of watching out for ya even back then, so how hard could it have been? Daddy's buddies set you up in one failed business venture after another. You certainly didn't have to work at any of them. Then there was the baseball team. Was that hard?
Tell ya what you little preppy drunk punk, why don't you shut the fuck up. Thousands of young American men and women have been killed in wars that were unnecessary under your presidency. The life is being sucked out of our country by your oil company corporate royalist handlers while you sit there and talk about how it's harder being a president's son than being the president. Fuck you.
I don't believe in heaven and hell, but if there is a place where recreant pieces of shit go to live in torture for eternity, I hope you're on the list.

How about this: The smiling moron has been talking about bringing peace to the middle east. WTF you say?! Your administration invaded the middle east and turned it into a killing field. You have the blood of tens, probably hundreds of thousands of middle east people on your hands. Peace you say? And you're going to bring it about?
How long will you ignorant proles continue to buy into this absurd bullshit from these republican corporate lackeys?

Oh, and high drama and sacrifice at the White House: The bumbling idiot, in an effort to show his attitude of sacrifice in the face of thousands of American men and women dying in a useless war gave up golf." Yes, folks, he didn't want those mourning mothers seeing the preseedent playing golf. Yea, he said that in a nationally aired interview.
I have one question for you imbecilic proles who voted for these national embarrasements: What is it like being you? How do you think you'll feel 20-30 yrs from now when your grandchildren, while studying history ask you questions about this, the first seriously mentally challenged presideedent who resided over the absolute worse administration in history and they suddenly realize that YOU voted for the atrocity?

And the number one most recreant low life cheap ass scum sucking maneuver by the faux preseedent was his statement today that 'electing a democrat to the presidency will mean another terrorist attack on Amurkkka.' Yes, he really said that.
How many stupid, ignorant, non-thinking brain dead moron Amurkkkan proles will sit there are say "yup, caint be lectin no democrats." Probaly the same eones who sat there shivering with fear when he said they needed to invade Iraq or else there would be a mushroom cloud over some Amurkkkan city.

So don't worry, nothing has changed with the MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp. He's still a lying little piece of shit. The proles who buy into his treasonous lies are still a bunch of ignorant uneducated morons.

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MacDaddy said...

So after years of illegally killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, after 7 years of ignoring diplomacy, he now wants peace. Laughable.

By the way, I posted about why Clinton lost the primary to Obama. I think you'll find it interesting. Blessings.