Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WV voter poll data

Some West Virginia exit poll info:

70% of voters are whites without college degrees. The highest percentage of any state.

75% of those voted for Billary

50% of WV voters believe that Obama agrees and supports Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama has denounced and condemned the good Rev.

60% of voters like Billary's gas tax holiday idea even though it has been shown to be a bad idea by every economist that has weighed in on it.

Almost 25% of voters said the race of the candidate is important. Again, the highest of any state.

Over 66% of Billary voters say they will vote for McCaini over Obama.

That about sums it up. . . Hillary wins the ignorant, uneducated moron vote.

Terry McCauliffe sounded like a rabid dog while being interviewed by Chris Matthews this evening. The guy was practically spitting his bullshit. Absurd.


MacDaddy said...

I couldn't even watch tv. But I knew you would give me some good info. Whew! What an incredible exhibition of voting against one's interests.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

"an incredible exhibition of voting against one's interests."

That is truly "makin it all so. . . clear."

WVians have been voting and acting againsttheir own self interests for over a hundred years. This is a state where hundreds of corporate tycoons have become filthy rich on the backs of poor miners, seasonal timber workers and abused chemical workers all the while having their environment stripped, poisoned and raped. Believe me, this place is little more than third world country. . . but we do have the lowest crime rate in the country. When someone gets killed it's almost always bubba getting pissed off at his brother-in-law or something similar.