Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Facts of life

Sadly but predictably, Obama lost to the rednecked racist white working class in WV and KY. It was brutal and it was decisive. The racist proles of Appalachia came out in support of Hillbillary in in obvious proportions. What else is there to say? I see all sorts of Appalachian apologists making pitifully lame excuses as to why the good people of Appalachia would vote so overwhelmingly for the white candidate over the black candidate, but all are exactly that, lame, very lame. Folks, I know Appalachia. I live in the heart and soul of Appalachia. . . not some Appalachian urban area where Josh and Sarah just think it's horrible that anyone could think of them as prejudiced! Gasp! Josh and Sarah "don't have a racist bone in their body."

(stop, gag, wince, go on)

Nope, I live in the real WV where black people fear to tread. I hear the true feelings and the real comments being made. They aint pretty folks, they just aint pretty. So fuck all you lame ass self appointed Appalachian social experts sitting in your hilltop home or your urban valley hideaway. If you think Mr. Obama lost REALLY BIG round these parts because of any reason other than that Appalachia is a hotbed of blatant racism where education and even a pretense of modern social propriety are scarce, then you're delusional. Enjoy your fantasy land.

Again sadly, WV and KY have rendered themselves irrelevant as they always do with their 'bend over and stick it to me' political will. Obama will cruise to victory over a republican candidate who is going to be seen as a standard bearer of republican politics of the past eight years. He will rise like a shinng beacon of hope above the stench of this dark and dismal republican party. And when this new era of American politics rises from the horror of the past four decades, WV and KY will be viewed as the antiquated, backwater that they really are. They will once again be left to their own pitiful, poverty ladened past, present and future.

Nice job folks. Had it been 50-45 or even 55-43 these wordss would be invalid. But GEEZ, 65-28?! Why don't ya just put up a sign at the border "No Negros Allowed!" Yes, the press is pretty much ignoring the Hillbillary "big win" in KY and her pledge to "stay in." It's a joke at this point. They're focused on Barack's strategy for the general and at best for Hillbillary, her lack of cash and mounting debt. Like many of us said a looooong time ago, it's over.

Sorry Hillbillary, but a little KY aint gonna help you squeeze this one in.

ON the bright side. . . have you seen the thousands who areturning out for Obama rallys across the nation? Holy shit! TENS of thousands! 75,000 in Portland Oregon, 45,000 in Des Moines, Iowa! Fucking Des Moines, Iowa (later I'm going to apologize for what I said about Iowa a few months ago). That is unheard of in American politics.

For the republicans this has to be like LBJ looking out across the mall in Washington, DC, seeing half a million protestors and realizing that it was all over.

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