Thursday, May 8, 2008

TSA fascist thugs

Here's another expectation I have of the Obama Administration; get "Homeland Security under control. Wire taps, listening to phone conversations, tracking internet clicks and the ultimate fuck head moron thugs, TSA.

I fucking hate TSA. you don't see or hear me use the term hate very often. . . in fact, look through every post I've ever made here and I challenge anyone to find a single line where I said I hate ANYTHING, but I do hate TSA. These guys are a bunch of cop wannabes who could get near the door of any police academy. . . and we all know what rigorous standards police academies have.
I hate TSA. I hate them every time I have to take my shoes off to get through their invasive airport screen. I hate them every timie I turn around and see them making some old lady, like my mother go through the process of removing their shoes. I hate them every time I go through their bullshit and they pull me aside and go over every inch of my body with their little wonder wands. My kids say they do it to me every time because I have dark bushy eye brows and I don't smile at them. I hate them every time I encounter their fascist incursion into my space and watch them treat people as if they are cattle going to slaughter. I hate them every tiime I see some slack jawed pear shaped dip shit acting like he's some sort of tough guy talking to a citizen like they are shit under their feet.
Today I really hate them. A very good friend of mine was trying to get onto a plane in NYC for a flight to Pittsburg. She was coming from the docks where she and her 5 yr old grand daughter had just finished a week long Caribbean Cruise. From P'burg they had a 5 hour drive to get home. For some reason, TSA though this granmother and her granddaughter looked suspicious, so they escourted them off to a very small room somewhere deep within Laguardia Airport. There they sat being periodically questioned by TSA thug scumbags for hours. In thee end they were told that it was a case of mistaken idendity and they were free to go. No apology, no compensation, no nothing. Compensation you say Hillbilly? For what? Well, they missed their flight. The flight was supposed to get into P'burg in early afternoon. Since they missed that one, she had to pay $50 each to get another flight that got into P'burg at almost 11PM. By then, she was too tired to drive 5 hours, so she had to get a motel room. That got her home the next day where she missed a whole lot of important work.
Coompensation? What the hell do you want? You were released and told you were free to go! Fuck, they could have taken you to Guantanamo. Consider yourself lucky.
I fucking hate TSA.


MountainLaurel said...

I just have to add the time when the TSA agent grabbed my breast. With anyone else it would have been harassment or assault. With them it's business as usual.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That's appaling. . . especially to have one of those skanks from TSA perpetrate such a crime. They seem to act with impunity.