Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Education! EDUCATION!

Anyone who has read my blog knows that my #1 priority for solving our problems in this country is education. Want to get people off welfare? Educate them. Want to put people into office who are willing and capable to make a change and lead us into the 21st Century? Educate the voters. Want to solve the problems of crime and violence? Educate the populous.
So clearly, we need to make education our top priority.
Where does the republican vice presidential candidate fit into all this.
Well, for background, she has some sort of "communications degree." Not very impressive, but at least she went ot college. How about her husband? He has no college degree and is on record as saying Alaskans who can't afford college should work in the oil fields. Damn, I'm glad no one convinced me to do that back when I was a youngun. How bout that future son-in-law. . . high school drop out. Little miss sweet 17 and pregnant daughter? Hasn't been to school in five months. 19 year old son? He's a foot soldier deploying to Iraq. I guess he decided not to go to college.
Hmmm, seems like education might not be a big priority in the world of Sarah Palin.
But we don't need formal education to be educated. Maybe Mrs. Palin is more intellectual than her background indicates. . . she believes that creationism should be taught in science classrooms. To me, that's about a fucking stupid as it gets. Let's teach mythology in place of scientific fact. How fucking dumb does a person have to be to believe that religious mythology should be part of any science program in any school? That is just plain ignorant.
We certainly don't need an openly ignorant person one 72 year old breath away from the presidency of the United States. We've had stupid fucks running this country long enough. Let's just say "ENOUGH" and return to a country with leaders who think.

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