Saturday, September 6, 2008

Literary freedom and Americanism

In the face of a VP candidate, who while mayor of her very small hometown fired, then rehired (under immense political pressure of a threatened recall vote) the town's librarian for refusing to remove books that said VP candidate and small town mayor found offensive to her extremist religious fundamentalism, I urge everyone to go to this site:

How essential is the freedom to read what you want to read to your sense of American freedom?

If one would advocate the censorship of a library, what about the censorship of books sold in stores? What about the censorship of views expressed in literature by the citizens of America? Exactly where would said VP candidate and small town mayor draw the line and how would said VP candidate and small town mayor secure that line so that other couldn't move it backward even farther to the right?

I think we deserve an answer to that question, don't you?

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MacDaddy said...

You know, sagacious: since the impulsive warmonger McCain didn't take the time to vet Gov. Palin before selecting her as his choice VP, maybe the American people should. Maybe we should forget this stuff about her daughter's pregnancy and go after her based on her record and her experience (what little she has), such as her attempt to fire librarians and a city manager for not firing her brother-in-law and her penchant for going on "safaris" to shoot wolves, bears and moose from a plane.