Saturday, September 27, 2008

Politics, bamboo shoots and a sorta connection. . .

Last night's debate reveal a number of things.
1. John MCCain is a snide sarcastic and angry old man.
2. Barack Obama workls wqell under pressure, sounds statesman like and has a very good grasp of the facts when it comes to economics and foreign policy.

This was supposed to be MCCain's debate since he is supposed to have 25 yrs experience in foreign affairs, etc. It wasn't.
Because of that, no matter how equal the spin meisters want to paint it, if they were equal or there was no clewar cut winner, then Obama took it.

Product recalls: sliced bamboo shoots

By The Associated Press Fri Sep 26, 2:45 PM ET

The following recall has been announced:
• Lion Pavilion Ltd. is recalling Yulanpian Brand Dried Slices of Tender Bamboo Shoots because the product contains undeclared sulfites, which could cause a severe or life-threatening reaction in people who have sulfite allergies. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported, according to the New York company. The product, distributed nationwide and produced in China, was sold in 230-gram clear plastic packages with the code 2008.1.3. For more information, consumers can call 718-384-6951.

Ok, first it was lead in our children's toys, they contaminated dog food, contaminated baby formula, contaminated milk, and now even our bamboo shoots aren't safe.

So why hasn't the Chinese influx of market items been squeezed off until we can take a close look at the situation and make an educated decision on what products we want to continue importing and what products we need to quit importing.

Well, the reason is that all the money that the corpo-fascist republicans are spending like manic shoppers the day after Thanksgiving is being fronted to the US gov't in the form of loans from the Chinese gov't. Yes, the biggest holder of American debt is the Chinese gov't. So get used to tainted products and such.
I'm surprised the Chinese aren't going into space using American technology and equipment instead of Russian technology and equipment. Aw hell, why don't we just give them a Space Shuttle and a piece of the Cape and lettem be space heros. We aint gonna be using them much longer anyway after we revert back to 1960s technology.

If you buy Chinese products, especially food products, you're fucking crazy. Check the labels on your canned goods and frozen items. . . shrimp, fish, veggies, you name it, it's coming from China these days. Let your retailers know that you don't want Chinese products at this point in time.
Wal-Mart makes it's gazillions by selling such cheap, not-for-shit items.


rainywalker said...

I sure hope after Sunday we have enough money left to empty the ISS or there are going to be skeletons circling the Earth. If they are eating packaged food from China, they may already be dead.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad most of the name brand skin-care products, mouthwashes, and toothpastes are still made in the USA. Always check the labels before buying.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

LOL at what Rainywalker said... that's funny.

Sagacious, at least they didn't buy AIG. That's probably why we'll have to...

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yes folks, $700 billion to the financials, %25 billion to the auto makers. . . what happened to the good ol days where if you're an incompetent business person, you go broke and that's the end. Now it's 'do whatever you want, piss away billions and we'll get the tax payers to bail you out.'
If Jim's Auto Body Shop out there on Boogger Hole Ridge goes broke, is Jim gonna be able to get congress to pass a bail out package for him?

Maura said...

wait- who the hell has a sulfite allergy? that's a new one.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mo, Sulfur compounds can cause severe allergic reactions.
I don't take sulfur antibiotics. . . they make me itch really bad.

MacDaddy said...

sagacious: I'm reading the so-called "Emergency Restabilization Act of 2008." I'm about three-fourth through it. It's 106 pages. So far, here's what I'm seeing:
1-It bails out these institutions in phases;
2-It offers some help for homeowners but it doesn't seem to go far enough;
3-It has language to keep from paying CEO's, CFO's or the heads of these financial institutions, but I'm not sure they can't find ways to get around the language; and
4-Maybe listening to interviews with Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain is turning me into an idiot, but I can't where this means very much to me individually... I can't see why some depression-era type jobs programs to put people to work to put people to work on bridges, parks and providing specific tax breaks for small businesses to increase manufacturing wouldn't have been a better idea. But that's me.

MacDaddy said...

Sorry I'm not being clear, but I think the key to getting the economy going is to put money directly in the hands of us folks. But it seems this democratically-led plan will will give it into the hands of financial institutions, which a lot of Americans are against; and I think this could backfire on democrats come November and in 2012.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Well Daddy, if ya gotta sit down and have dinner with the guy who stole your house, your car, your future and your savings OR the guy who just stole your savings, who ya gonna pick?

Yea, probably the guy who promises to bring the best desert. Republos are good at promises.

A bowl of fear followed by a big cup of I'll-protect-you.