Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Texass sized Hurricane

This one's gonna be a motherfucker!

Back in the day (almost 30 yrs ago) I used to get off the plane in Houston, jump in a car, fire up a big one and head down the coast to Port Lavaca area. About half way there I'd stop and grab a couple hotdogs and a six pack of Lone Star long necks and continue on my way. I always kinda liked that two hour ride. The trip was notable for one reason and one reason only. . . there was nothing to note. It was pretty much nothing but tiny town, grain elevators and rice fields from Dickinson to Port Lavaca.
Sorry Ike, butr unless things have changed a lot along the Texass coast, you aint gonna hit much unless you take a turn north or south. Of course I always said there was nothing wrong with Texass that a really big enema couldn't cure. . . maybe this is the one.

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