Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two types of republican voters

There are two kinds of voters who will vote for Puffy McBush in Nov.

1. The rich who will vote their pocketbook. At least these folks are honest. They know they are going to keep making money and even if they don't, they'll have plenty and they want to keep it all. If they vote McBush, they'll get to keep their current tax breaks and probably get more.

2. The ignorant proles. These are the real dumb fucks. They will vote for Puffy out of fear and ignorance. They will believe the outright lies and propaganda.
They will fall for the ridiculous cries of "country first." They will buy into the absurd idea that PuffyMcBush and his house wife running mate are more qualified to handle national security and that there are bogey men behind every door waiting to jump out and compromise our national security. These are the voters who will listen to 15 second sound bites and sensational news organizations without really understanding the issues or how the candidates really feel about policy issues. These are the really low information voters. They only vote without considering the responsiblity they have when they vote.
These are the voters who are killing our country.

5 comments: said...

Those who fall into #2 are really scary! Why can't these folks see the McCain/Palin ticket isn't even founded on honesty or real talk?! What's sad is that my students, seniors in high school, really don't have a filter and take everything they hear and/or see as gospel. The future is quite scary!! :(

SagaciousHillbilly said...

coach, Unfortunately, many of these voters are the racist element. I'm afraid we have misjudged the character of white Amurkkka and there are many more of them than we anticipated (perhaps "we" should be "I").
Back when I was in HS we debated the issues with a lot of passion and input from our teachers. I'm told that does not go on these days.
I suspect most families do not spend an hour or even 15 minutes sitting down at the dinner table and discussing personal and social issues.
Where do kids get their ability to reason?

MountainLaurel said...

How about the deluded who think that they're in the ultra-rich camp because they make twice as much as their neighbor?

And Coach, I see it as a lack of critical thinking skills. It's tough to teach these but so very necessary. I try to teach them in college, but to be effective I think that teaching needs to go back several years before.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

laurel, they would come under the category of "stupid." said...

You're both right. I do try to challenge students to use critical thinking and reasoning through various modes, especially in my public speaking class. In a recent fishbowl discussion, I threw in two topics for students to consider: Palin as a viable VP candidate/US readiness for a women prez or veep AND Obama as a viable prez/US readiness for a Black prez.

I was saddened by the number of students who didn't participate in the conversation because they don't do politics. (Their grades suffered as a result of this choice.) I was super-saddened about the students who repeated what they saw in McCain ads and tried to use them as solid support. There is some potential in this age group, but it seems like the effort to tap that is enormous.

I'll keep trying to fight the good fight while I'm in education, which could be a short stint...