Friday, September 26, 2008


Obama looks better.

security and solvency. . . where do you stand on econ. recovery?

O: addresses concern of common man . . oversight or bailout. . . getting money back, help home owners.
problem by Bush supported by McCain. measure economy by middle class.
M: senator Kennedy is OUT of the hospital not still in Puffy. Oh, he doesn't feel "great" about economy.
I, I, I.
Are you in favor of the plan? Obama already answered that. McCain didn't. Leher makes it sound as if. . . oh fuck it.
O: regulatory framework.
M: I also warned about this stuff. . . bullshit, you been a "deregulator!"
NOT the start of WWII! The start of D-day you fool! WTF is he talking about? Accountability? Bushie said that shit too.
O: What's good for wallstreet isnt necessarily good for main street.
Accontability "day in day out" for EVERYONE! BRAVO!
M: Against what he was saying two weeks ago, McCain is agreeing with O man's statements.

Are there differences betwen you and Obama's economic approach.
M: "outta control spending and corruption" Uh, how much did puffy vote for the past 30 yrs. I'm going to veto EVERY spending bill. . . oh, there's a good fucking idea. . . and bullshit.
O: McCain wants 300 bill. tax cuts for wealthy while saying he;ll veto 18bill in "ear marks" Nice. Cut taxes for 95% of working families. Tax the upper 5% more heavily. fuckin eh!
M: talking about corruption of er mark spending. wasn't he one of the "Keating Five?!" 'O wants to raise taxes'
O. . . whoa whoa whoa, tells M he's full of shit! YEA! Call him on his lies. Use the word "Lie" O man!
M: Keeps pointing out Obama's ideas as flawed. WTF? Ireland's tax rates? What's this bozo talking about?
O: Callin em on his BS!
M: Say's he is the man for saving the av. American! This guys makin shit up. "energy bill" Huh? M says O wants to tax 4people making $42K.
O: Calls him on his lies again "That's just not true."

Waht priorities will you give up with this recue plan?

O: hard ot antcipate. won't be able to do everything.
have to have energy independence, healthcare, education, infrastructure, broadband, electricity grid. Efficient programs.
M: Cut spending. eliminate ethanol subsidies, bad military contract overruns,
O: $15 bil subsidies to private medicare providers. I'm not wildly liberal, just oppose wild Bush policies.

M Spending freeze on everything but defense.
O: Can't use hatchet where you need a scalpel. $10bil a month in Iraq. . . close that war.
M: Foreign aid is ending up in terrorist hands!!! OMG! BE AFRAID!

O: tough decisions. . . can't give tax cuts to rich people. gotta give people health care.
M: I have fought to cut spending. Gotta take care of our vets. (for the third time)
Come on O Man, point out that M voted against veteran aide bills!

O: Your preseident who you supprted 90% of the time . . . orogy of spending, now you want to be a leader in cutting spending?!
M: But I'm a maverick! blah, blah, blah.

Lessons of Iraq.

M: The surge worked and I supported it!
O: I opposed this war from the start. $1 trill spent, 4000 dead, 30k wounded, Al Quida is now strong in Iraq.
Have to use military wisely.

M: Patriotic bullshit that doesn't have anything to do with anything! Amurkkkins will eat that shit up. . . 600 brave Amurkins! telling him "let us win." "great general." Obama cut funds for troops.

O: difference on timetables not funding.


O: We need to focus on Afghanistan.
M: Yea, me too.
I've supported everything good and didn't support everything that has gone wrong.
Great John.
folksy story about some woman's dead son and what she said to him a year ago. This is enogh to make me puke. Anecdotal BULLSHIT!!
O: I've got a bracelet too! Good for you. Now what are you going to do?
OK, the question is "are we making good judgements?" We took oiur eye off Afghanistan and the people who did 9/11. M has not been consistently concerned with Afghanistan.
M: O didn't go to Afghanistan, I've been there. good for you John. You know what color the dirt is there.

Threat from Iran
M: nuclear weapons! Threat to Isreal. "Second holocaust." politics of fear Puffy?
"League of democracy" Impose sanctions. . . lousy gov't lousy economy. We can affect IRanian behavior. "nuclear weapons." IEDs in IRaq." "Trained in Iran." "Republic guard in Iran." "nuclear weapons."

O: The war in Iraq has trenghthened Iran. We removed Iran's mortal energy.
Toughr sanctions, but we can't do it without Russia and China. tough direct diplomacy. Not talking to people doesn't punish and doesn't work.

M: Is villianizing and bullshit.

Russia. . . blah, blah, blah.

Puffy McCain is a deeply snide sarcastic little bitch.

M: "I've been to Russia. . . blah blah blah"

Likelihood of another 9/11 attack

M: I've worked across the aile. We are safer. I, I ,I. blah, blah, blah. Generic bullshit. . .borders. . .

O: long way to go. harden chemical sites, transit
biggest threat. suitcase nuke.
billions on missle defense. need to focus on nuclear proliferation
have to focus on AlQuida in Afghan and Paki
The way e are perceived in the world matters.
Restore our respect in the world.

M: Gen Petreus said, Iraq, blah, blah.

O: Sen McCain has been solely focused on Iraq. Bin Laden still outthere, Alquida still alive and well, we're borrowing hugely from China anll becaus of Iraq.
Spending 10 bill a month on Iraq so we can't provide health care, technology.
We can't maintain military security as economy declines.
Have to have broader strategic decision

M: I've been involved in everything the past 25 yrs.. Obama hasnt. He doesn't have knowledge or experience. Veterans, I love them. I have the ability and background.

O: Send message to the world, we're going to invest in education and ordinary people.

M: When I came home from prison. . . puke time. I know how to heal, deal, blah, blah.


rainywalker said...

Good blog and I wear two bracelets.
Obama looked and sounded more presidental than that angry old man.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Rainy, it was a joke. McCain was continually telling us what a wonderful guy he was and how he has been for everything that is good and wonderful while Obama laid out policy and thoughtful ideas on how to deal with the world and our own problems.
Yes, he did sound and look very presidential.