Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Help me understand folks. . .

It's all just too incredible. The true ignorance of the Amurkkkin voter is astounding.
How can it be that the presidential race is, according to all polls, in a dead heat. We've just endured eight years of the most horrific and recreant presidential administration in the past 100 years, . . at least. We have sat back and watched as our economy went from great to terrible. We've gone from a country at peace to a country fighting multiple wars that we have no business being in and the majority of Amurkkkins disapprove. It has been one big cluster fuck after another the past eight years. But the Amurkkkin people have simply not had enough. 1/2 of the likely Amurkkkin voters believe that another administration just like the last administration is what we need in Washington for the next 4-8 years. WTF is the matter with you stupid proles?
One would expect that the candidate on the other side must be some sort of monstrous political train wreck to not have a large lead in such circumstances. But no, he is a well mannered and highly inspirational leader who is well equipped to lead this country. His running mate is extremely well equipped to be president. On the other side we have a sickly old creep who mirrors the present administration (which has a 28% approval rating) and has a running mate who is completely unqualified and totally unprepared to be president. WTF?
So what's the problem? Is Amurkkka simply divided down the middle philosophically? Is there really a 50/50 split between right wing advocates for corpo-fascism and left wing advocates of progressive politics? Or is it something uglier? Could it be something more subtle and not so clearly apparent to observing eyes? Could it be that because Barack Obama is a black man the majority of Amurkkkin voters will vote against him? Is that really possible after all we've been through the last eight years and after all we've seen of Barack Obama over the past 12 months? Could it be that Amurkkka's racism is going to triumph over logic and reason? Or is it that Amurkkkins have been divided polarized and conquered with fear based propaganda?
Help me understand, because it's got me really down right now.


themom said...

Let's see...did they say MORE men were now on the McCain/Palin bandwagon?? Wold that be her great looking legs? Her looks? Her terrific speeches (written by smarter people)? I am hoping it is a short lived "bounce" and the real picture will shine thru. Again, polls are not all that accurate. The group is comprised of 2600-3000 people - not a large demographic. Don't panic yet.

MacDaddy said...

I would like to think that it's because of the bounce the Repubs got from the convention and the fact that many Americans are just tuning in to politics and don't know much, if anything, about Gov. Palin except that she has a pretty face, shapely legs, goes to church regularly and is a card-carrying member of the NRA.

But I also think the problem is that, with the exception of Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow, the MSM has been reluctant to make Americans aware of her extreme views and vicious, pit-bull behavior.

Like the phony maverick McCain, Gov. Palin thus far has been given a free ride.

Stimpson said...

Y'all know about Wasilla charging rape victims for their "rape kits", right?