Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let's take another look at the questionaire the candidates for governor of Alaska were asked to fill out.
Here is question #12 and Sarah Palin's answers

12. In relationship to families, what are your top three priorities if elected governor?

1. Creating an atmosphere where parents feel welcome to choose the venues of education for their children.
2. Preserving the definition of “marriage” as defined in our constitution.
3. Cracking down on the things that harm family life: gangs, drug use, and infringement of our liberties including attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights.

Now, here's my sagacious commentary. . .

1. WTF? I mean, like WTF does any of that mean. As a fundie religious extremist I can only guess that she is suggesting that public school funding be provided to parents who home school and send their children to Christian indoctrination academies.
I say let parents send their kids to whatever kind of schooling they want them to be sent to . . . PROVIDED, that the schools or programs are accredited and approved by the state board of education or whatever gov't institution controls and monitors education in the state. Oh, and as for public funding? Sorry Sarah, but public funds should only be used for public education. That's what "Public" means. We don't use "public" funds to subsidize private corporations. . . oh, never mind, bad example since the republicans have taken over. . . but seriously, no public funding of private schools. That's just dumb.
What other private institutions will you be willing to spend public tax dollars to support? Private colleges that are sponsored by religious extremists? Afterall, we have publicly supported colleges? Where is your line Sarah?

2. Marriage is defined in the constitution? What constitution? This woman has never read the Constitution of the United States. It's obvious.
Sarah, do YOU believe that someone who could easily become the president of the United States should be intimately familiar with the Constitution of the United States? Define "intimately familiar."

3. So the one of the big priorities in saving the American family for you is 2nd Ammendment rights? Guns will save our families eh? How about 1st Ammendment rights?
How about 1st Ammendment rights or 4th Ammendment rights? Do you think they might have a pretty big bearing on the values and preservation of the American family?

Come on Sarah, I hunt myself. I've trained all my kids to hunt. We kill large game every year in our own backyard. Ya know, in all my years, not once has any legislation been enacted that has in any way curtailed or restricted my access or use of firearms. Since back when my father was holding up the gun for me to shoot till this day, no once!
I can't say that for my other freedoms. The past republican administrations have slowly chipped away at privacy, speech and press freedoms for years now. Aren't those a little more important to the family than whether or not I can keep an automatic rifle in the closet?
Look folks, this woman might be charming, but she sure aint too bright.
The only mention I've seen from her of education is this coded bullshit about funding for private schools and more specifically Christian fundamentalist schools.
Education is the key to all our social problems today, be they family related or not.
The republicans don't seem interested in education. . . maybe we should "VET" these folks from the standpoint of educational experience. . . we won't find much.


ladyday said...

Thie woman is crazy. Scary, batshit crazy.
Obama has to win in November. She can't be allowed anywhere near the White House

Stimpson said...

Answer #2 is effing funny; it's just bothersome to me when I consider she could be Veep.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I concluded this evening after finding out that her daughter's wedding date is set for Election Day that they don't expect to win, but at the same time, hope to take away from Barack's parade. This makes them stupid, because, because the results won't likely be in until Nov 5th. Ha ha ha.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Lady, Yea, batshit crazy is a good term.
Stim, it's very bothersome.
Kit, I hope election rtesults are in by 11PM. We really need a landslide to show these motherfuckers what's up.

Inanna said...

I saw her daughter's online wedding registry and it has the date listed and December 4th, not November 4th, just for what its worth.

I'm sorry, did I miss something in criminal justice class? I don't recall "Marriage" being defined anywhere other than Websters Dictionary. The sad thing is, people really think she's special and she's a reformer. What. Ever.

SH, you should read the comments of my Palin post... you'll get a kick out of it. But don't harass Zelda, she is actually a good friend of mine, I can't help it that she's Republican.