Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summarily; by the always charming and usually spot on AngryBlackLady

The Angry Black Lady over at has a way of putting things clearly and speaking direct. . . here she is talking to the ignorant proles of category "2" below. . . well, maybe she's talking to the "1s" also.

While the GOP, with the help of minions like you, was busy funding man-on-woman marriage marketing initiatives that fail to preserve man-on-woman marriages, attacking a woman’s right to get a prescription filled/make a decision/choose a damn thing, removing science and facts from our public schools and textbooks, denying the existence of global warming, blocking research into alternative fuel sources, freaking out about what people do in our bedrooms, alienating the rest of the world, destroying the economy, securing tax cuts for rich people, slashing funding for social programs that benefit seniors/the disabled/the poor/the hungry/the mentally ill and making war not peace.


…yeah, while all y’all were busy doing that shit the economy has tanked, the environment is telling us to go fuck ourselves, one in four teen girls has an sti, HIV/AIDS numbers are increasing, our roads and bridges are fucked, we’ve alienated the world, our youth can no longer compete academically and the nation is now in dire need of those social programs that are no longer funded worth a shit.>/b>

Thanks BlackLady. . . wish I'd said that.


Hawa Bond said...

Christian Conservatives. That's the new code word for acceptable racism and widespread xenophobia.

As a Christian, I wasn't offended ONE BIT as somebody presented the following opinion (paraphrased):

Americans keep flocking to Christian Conservatives like Bush and Palin. That reeks of establishing a Theocracy. And if you look across the world, countries with the most religious leaders also produce the most terrorists.

Enuf said.

Hawa from
Fackin Truth Blog

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Thanks MsBond. As a non-believer, it is obvious to me (from my totally objective non-judgemental point of view) that there are Christians and then there are whacked out, hypocritical, godless Christians.

Chris James said...

What do you mean our roads are crap? Huntington has paved over 300 feet of road in several swing-neighborhoods.

And 3 out of 4 girls have stds? That just means, according to my math, you can still have 3 partners every four months and never catch anything (mad math skillz thanks to our well-funded WV public schools).

Seriously, though, great insight.