Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will somebody shout this from the roof tops!

Obama rejects McCain's call to delay debate

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Republican John McCain said Wednesday that he wants to postpone Friday's debate to deal with the nation's financial problems, but Democrat Barack Obama said "it's more important than ever" that the country hear from its next president.

Hey Puffy! FUCK YOU!!! You little mother fucking corporate lackey bastard! You did nothing while the Bushies were giving away the country to the corporate royalists and deregulating so that we ended up in the mess we're in. In fact, you voted with the Bush agenda 90% of the time. Even you have declared yourself to be a "deregulator."
Now you say you want to suspend the campaign "to deal with the nation's financial problems?!?!" SHUT THE FUCK UP you little old puffed up sick looking prick. We've had enough of you, Bush, the corpo-fascism of the past twelve years and all the wretched shit that put us where we are today.
YOU are the fucking problem, now you want to tell us that you need to take a break to deal with the problems?
Rot in hell you traitorous SOB. . . you and the rest of your corpo-fascist cronies who step and fetch for the corporate royalists pulling your strings.


rainywalker said...

You get me so excited I almost have an orgasm. I already posted my messiah blog and happy as hell that Obama isn't buying into this bull.

crystal dawn said...

Sometimes it just takes a lot of "fucks" and "fuck you's" to inflect the points properly. Well said.

MacDaddy said...

sagacious: Tell us how you really feel. No joking now: you're right as usual and Obama did the right thing in buying into McCain's b.s.

You know what's ironic? Paulsen is coming to the government with this bailout of Wall Street thugs, when he helped get rid of the regulations for the same people and financial industry he's trying to bail out. He came from Gold Sachs and left their with them about 20 million in debt. But while there, he fought for de-regulation. We have every right not to trust any of these people.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Mac, What I feel sometimes is total exasperation. It is so plain to me that these corpo-fascist thugs are lying and cheating while stealing the future of our nation yet the Amurkkkin electorate continues to fall for their bullshit or would rather vote against the black guy while going down like a bunch of squeeling pigs at a Hormel factory farm.
Paulson, Graham, McCain, they've all contributed to this horror. . . I'd include MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp in that list, but that stupid piece of shit hasn't got the brains to contribute to anything that requires the slightest bit of intellect or cunning.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

rainy, I hope you didn't make a mess.

Crystal, I'm glad you appreciated my inflection. said...

It's pretty obvious that this debate would be the beginning of the decline in progress gained by the McCain camp. I imagine that all of the foul-ass ads and bold-faced lies being told on morning talks shows would truly be undone by a live "performance" by Mr. McCain. He even has the nerve to include "Change is coming" in his campaign ads. Are none of his efforts original? (And I'm still sad that people can't even see THAT.)

He and Mrs. Palin have been getting on my effin nerves but Mr. Hillbilly, you are TRULY passionate! (I thought I knew but I truly didn't until I stopped by just now...) Hopefully the truth will finally emerge! Just my two cents...

arrozconpollo said...

Everyone sees this for what it is...a pathetic attempt to push the reset button on his flailing campaign. Country first? Bullshit. They looked at the polls, just as they did during the DNC, saw Obama kicking ass and taking names, and this "maverick" decided to pull some crazy shit to change the subject.

These fuckers have the nerve to claim that they don't look at polls, when EVERY decision they make coincides with declines in public polling or perception. Look at Bush's threat warnings and color coded alerts in his 1st term...they all coincided with unrelated scandals or declining poll numbers.

Thank Gawd Obama is cool, calm, rational, and smart. He's exactly what Dems need to win a campaign, and exactly what we need as president.

McCain's a wimp, all his decisions are borne out of fear, why the FUCK does anyone think he's worthy of the presidency??

SagaciousHillbilly said...

coach, being the cool calm mild mannered guy that I am in real life, I have to let it out here in blogspace. . . no, really, I'm usually cool as a cucumber. . . ask my kids or wife, well, maybe you'd better not.

polloconrightfuckingon, IT's all so obvious to those of us who have the ability to think independently.
The people who comment here and the blogs I visit are like an oasis to me in this totally insane, Orwellian nation we live. I hope it's salvageable.

Stimpson said...

I want Paulson to look directly into a TV camera and say: "My name is Henry Paulson, I'm Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America, and I am *not* smarter than a Keynesian."
As a precondition for support of *any* bailout plan, I want the Bush Administration to be forced to admit that their deregulation policies have been an unmitigated *disaster.*
It would mean they're finally being straight with the people, and it would be *so* entertaining and satisfying. For me at least. And the message just might get through to some of the more thick-headed voters.

themom said...

I'm begging you please, tell me how you really feel!?!?!?!? :)

I think most of us are blogging about the same McConniving - what a buffoon.

-=Topper=- said...

Oh I like a little "blue" in my politics. I use it myself from time to time. I always find pause though to reflect on something.


Obama needs to beat down this old crony every chance he gets. Obama knows the game, he's played it and he knows the rules. They're aren't any. But then again Barrack has to measure and weigh everything he says.


Damn, ya know, that felt kinda good. said...

Our guy might be slipping into his opponent's ways... I hope not!!